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arrived, and it's thrilling. Now About Beryl Ryan I have to introduce this, be- cause I don't know how many of you are familiar, and I just witnessed a miracle. I write for Upbeat Times, be- cause it's really fun. (How could it


be, right?) So, I got an email from Beryl Ryan, asking if I'd write her story as an article,

for Upbeat

Times. Tapping? Wow, I haven't worn those shoes since the 1960s. Say what?

Dear Jo Diaz,

I am writing you to ask if you can help me spread the word about Tapping, also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, to our school com-

jail, and learned about Tap- ping six years go. Since that time, I have taught Tapping to

munities in Sonoma County. I have been an RN in our county for 37 years, the last 11 as a nurse at Sonoma County

over 1,000 people, including: inmates, students, teachers, nurses, therapists and par- ents; and the results have been nothing short of mi- raculous! (Could she now also take on the Wine Indus- try? Maybe not at once, but the con- cept is very catchy, especially for early adopters.) If you have not heard of Tapping,

it self-healing is a tool

that uses a sequence of light physical “tapping” on ex- ternal acupressure points, allowing you to return your body

and mind to a state of peace and wellness. I truly believe Tapping is the answer to a more peaceful

world. Why?

Because when we feel good, we naturally feel kind, compassionate and empathetic, since that is our true nature, under the pain and hurt of life. Tapping allows pain

and hurt to be released very quickly, allowing our positive qualities to surface.

My belief is that if every young person could go to bed at night with a peace- ful mind and heart, there could be a very different world in one generation! I offer Tapping Work-

shops to school communities – Parents, Educators and Stu- dents for FREE, in hopes of spreading this incredible tool. I am wondering/asking if you would be willing to do an ar- ticle in your uplifting Upbeat Times

to help spread what I

am offering? So grateful for any help you


Tapping Her Way Into My Wine Heart and Mind

NOVEMBER 2019 ...continued from page 5

could offer. You can learn more about me and Tapping in schools on I would love to give you a di-

rect experience of Tapping at any time. In Service, Beryl Beryl Ryan RN, Tap Within So, I read this and thought, "Hum..." This query is either a medicine woman at the car- nival show, or a downright miracle. And, I was into dis- covery. We communicated; this furthered my curiosity. If what she said was true and needed a subject, I thought of Lyla Moore (my daughter, a mother, doula, yoga instruc- tor). I drew her into the story, and let Beryl know that if this worked for her, we were in. I knew what I wanted to write (sorta), and directed what I'd

it being on a scale of one to ten, Lyla began at an eight. With each continued tapping session (there were several), the scale began to go down; something she had held for years, began to melt away. The deeper it went, the lower the corresponding concern. Down it went, as Lyla came back up. All of a sudden, she knew she had broken through and blurted out, "That's it. It's over. I don't have to go any further," and she meant it. She not only let go of years

for the block, but the pain was gone and already initiated a new plan of action... leaving that stress behind (in about 20 to 30 minutes), as she contin- ues to tap her way from one challenge to the next. She's the happiest I've seen her in a long time. It's amazing.

Imagine, just imagine, if Beryl did have access to the Sonoma County school dis- trict. The bullying that be- gins and exists: each child - if he or she knows how to tap - the bully loses its power and the good begin to emerge. World peace is very frag- ile right now. How many of us would like to tap our- selves into a continuing movement of peace? Prob- ably a lot in California... We're farmers at heart, and farmers are optimists, as my husband likes to say. "Farmers wake up each morning, and they believe in the future, with each new seed."

write for a story. If healing was really true,

the world

would benefit more. We met, shared some

thoughts, really great vibes, share the same 12/21 birth- day... Yeah, it was like that. As Beryl began tapping with Lyla, she eventually got to the source of Lyla's stress... by peeling away the layers. It was a good one, and within

As it turned out... This is the best tool in the tool box for unblocking negative energy... I mean, really. It's helping people in jail reshape their lives, for instance. Work- ing with people of all ages, including children to unblock

energy. Yup, this is the NOT a medicine woman at the car- nival show. Beryl Ryan is a

...continued on page 25 I believe in physical comedy, because that reaches out most to people. ~ Norman Wisdom

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