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Annual Peacemaker Awards & Fundraiser

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have asked me if they can contribute. I still listen to the readers and always appreci- ate feedback, good or not.


thank all of you for reaching out when you can. Your letters and e-mails are welcomed. Like I ‘ve said, we are in the middle of outer space on the big ship called Earth. We are all connected in ways beyond our comprehension. None of us, and I mean none of us, are better than the next…no mat-

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Santa Rosa, CA - The Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County is honored to an- nounce the recipients of the 2019 Peacemaker Awards, as follows: Peacemaker of the Year Award - Izaak Schwaiger Russ and Mary Jorgensen Courage of Commitment Award - Alfredo Sanchez. Unsung Hero Award - Bruce Rhodes. Community Orga- nization Award - Petaluma Blacks for Community De- velopment. Youth Peacemaker Award - Lucia Garay The Peace & Justice Cen-

ter will be hosting the 2019 Peacemakers’ Awards presen- tation and fundraiser on Satur- day, November 9th at 7:00 pm. Celebrate the achievements of the awardees while enjoying a night of music along with a wonderful silent auction

at Redwood Cafe located at 8240 Old Redwood Highway, Cotati. The Silent


will be open to early-birds at 6:00pm. All proceeds benefit the Peace & Justice Center. The Annual Peacemaker’s

Awards is an opportunity for the community to come to- gether to network and cele- brate

while contributing to

the largest fundraiser of the year for the PJC. Tickets are $15 in Advance or $20 at the Door. Advance Tickets can be purchased three ways: 1) in person at the venue or 2) online at or 3) by sending a check to the Peace & Justice Center at 467 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95401. Checks must be received no later than Friday, November 1. Also, tickets can be donated to someone who

A duke was hunting in the forest with his men-at-arms and servants; he came across a tree. Upon it, archery targets were painted and smack in the middle of each was an arrow. 'Who is this incredibly fine archer?' cried the duke.'I must find him!' After continuing through the forest for a few miles he came across a small boy carrying a bow and arrow. Eventually the boy admitted that it was he who shot the arrows plumb in the center of all the targets. 'You didn't just walk up to the targets and ham- mer the arrows into the middle, did you?' asked the duke wor- riedly. 'No my lord. I shot them from a hundred paces. I swear it by all that I hold holy.' 'That is truly astonishing,' said the duke. 'I hereby admit you into my service.' The boy thanked him profusely. 'But I must ask one favor in return,' the duke continued. 'You must tell me how you came to be such an outstanding shot.' 'Well,' said the boy, 'first I fire the arrow at the tree, and then I paint the target around it.'

cannot afford it. The price of admission in-

cludes the presentation of the 2019 Peacemaker Awards and dance music by AfroFunk Ex- perience.

According to their

website, “The AfroFunk Ex- perience is an ambrosial mix of musical interpretations in- fluenced by the African dias- pora, created in a collective and organic manner.” Visit the band at www.afrofunkex- Contact: Shekeyna Black ~ (707)529- 0816 cell

phone. E-mail:

peacejusticesonoma@gmail. com

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