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Sister Stompers Claim Fourth Win in KZST World Championship Grape Stomp

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SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ Grapes flew, juice flowed and crowds cheered as finalists competed in this year’s KZST World Championship Grape Stomp at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. Clothing was stained and skin turned purple, but con- testants were not discouraged from competing for the title of World Champion and the $1,500 prize.


After two days of prelim- rounds, involving 42

teams of contestants, Dee Dee Lombardi Brandt and Angela Lombardi Carvalho were in- vited back to the finals to de- fend their World Champion- ship title, and that they did. The Sister Stompers of Santa Rosa secured the win with 20.14 pounds of juice, taking home the $1,500 prize and trophies for the fourth year

in a row. “This year's stomp benefited from a great crop of grapes and a solid crew of stompers,” said Jane Engdahl, Special

Events Coordinator

and Grape Stomp Emcee. “The result was heavy weights all around, especially in the finals, with all competitors coming up with close to three pounds more than last year.” The grape stomp tradition at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair dates back over four de- cades.

Since then, wine and food

lovers from the local area and as far abroad as South Amer- ica, India and Australia, have been attending the Sonoma County Harvest Fair—plan- ning their visit each October to sample the county’s bounty and participate in the wildly popular KZST World Champi-

onship Grape Stomp. “We saw a whole new record set at this year's World Championships, with first, second and third place

taken by all-woman

teams. And all of the rest of the teams in the finals each had one woman,” said Eng- dahl. “For years, men seemed to hold a real advantage at the World Championship Grape Stomp, but those days are clearly long gone.”

For a full listing of 2019 KZST World Championship Grape Stomp teams and results, visit The Sonoma County

Harvest Fair took

place October 4th and 5th and included a Grand Tasting of award winning wines and lo- cal food and the KZST World Championship Grape Stomp Competition.

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