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Sonoma County, CA. ~ “Music in its purest form is sacred and has the ability to touch us in the deepest of ways,” muses Howard “Bo” Sapper, who has been involved in Entertainment Business for over four de- cades. Founder and President of Extrordinaire Media, Sapper’s passion for mu- sic has been a lifelong


He co-founded Global Pacific Records in 1979 and many years later was the CEO of Har- mony Festival, which

used to

be held annually in Santa Rosa. Sapper fondly remembers


year Damian Marley head-

lined at Harmony Festival as, “Epic.” The non-profit organization, “Everybody is a Star, which

It really is an honor if I can

be inspirational to a younger singer or person. It means I've

done my job. Aretha Franklin

As a singer, you have to bring the soul to the song. ~ Lata Mangeshkar Since 2009

serve special needs artists. He shares that he learned “how music and theater and dance were the neuropathways that

belonging.” about

was inspired by my daughter and her birth trauma,” ex- plains Sapper was created to

were working for her.” The website mentions that his daughter suffered a stroke at birth. She is just one of the many

needs artists on


of talent fea- tured


EIAS videos. “Music is

special roster the the

Universal lan- guage, every- one is touched by music. So, if I’m a listener of music or a participant


music, there’s a certain chem- istry that’s in- volved


your brain,” he continues, “from a cre- ative


process; in

the special needs commu- nity, it’s the self-esteem, it’s a sense of

Asked what he likes most Entertainment

Busi- ness, Sapper pauses thought- Owner, Jeff rey Madura We invite you!

“Since 2009 we have been delivering the highest quality breakfasts and Lunches! Come on in and taste our food... We’ll keep the Coffee Brewing for you!” ~Jeff rey

Bring the whole family!

Open 7 days a week 7:00 am ~ 2:00 pm

Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch 2901 Fourth Street

Santa Rosa ~ CA, 95409 707-546-6317

See our full menu: UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • NOVEMBER 2019 • Pg 11

fully and says, “Live.” He adds, “I love it all, I love being in the studio and I really like helping people, I like helping put business plans together; and at the end of the day, my biggest joy is participating in creating

live experiences.”

Sapper shares some news, “I made a major career shift in my life and I am now running an electric transportation com- pany in Sonoma, in the Plaza called eTrikeCo. Everybody is a Star is a beneficiary of 5% of the profits. We did music of Johnny and June (Cash) at our Grand Opening. We are going to be presenting live music once a month in the space.” Also, Sapper is currently working on a major film proj-


Media’s website, Sapper has “acquired

According to Extrodinaire extensive


ence in all aspects of the en- tertainment business from A & R, financial forecasting, marketing, promotion, as well as negotiating domestic and international recording licens- ing, distribution agreements and live concert and festival operations.” Sapper


“The ability to transform the individual and the person who is putting it out, that’s my experience of music.

NOVEMBER 2019 Musical Notes in Sonoma County

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