Just Chillin! “An Attitude of Gratitude!!"


Santa Rosa! Please, join me, and his charming wife, Valerie, their talented ar- t i st-daugh- ter Marie, more family, and count- less friends around the world, in a huge shout- out to sing: “ H a p p y


Birthday, Paul!” Not only the publisher of the Upbeat Times, he is a great chef, artist, raconteur, giſted gardener, entrepreneur, musician, but, most important: “Mr. Positive,” in person. A few minutes of chatting with Paul and you realize he has re-convinced you that living an Upbeat Way of

true “uomo rinascimen- tale” (Renaissance Man) is

our Paul Doyle of

by Ellie Schmidt of Santa Rosa, CA. ~ garage, and partic-

Life is real—and, we merely need to look around at how wonderful it can be. No iota of negativity in him.

Echoing that sentiment, the

AAA Fall 2019 edition of VIA fea- tures a moving cover story with great photos: “Te Heart of Wine Country,” including that beautiful view from Paradise Ridge toward Santa Rosa that shows the Byck family’s sculpture garden, clearly revealing the 12-ſt tall steel sculp- ture that spells out L-O-V-E. Now it is recognized as the “symbol of the wine country’s strength.” Recently, a neurosurgeon at

Duke University realized he had never truly thanked the folks who made sure he had coffee af- ter hours of fatiguing surgery. He decided to bring a giſt of cookies to not only the staffers who made coffee, but to his surgical assis- tants, and to the attendants at his

ularly to

the dispatchers at the switchboard. Another neuro- surgeon friend of his agreed that “an at- titude of gratitude” was long overdue a n d joined him i n


Jokes & Humor # 2

kindness. Word got around that campus and fairly soon banners appeared on buildings that read: “Attitude of Gratitude.” To the su r -

p r i s e of all, kindness emanated all over the place. People actually


a moment to say: “Please” and “thank you!— and even smiled!”

Let’s hope that is a contagious thing, that we’d all welcome

surpris- ing the oſten startled people who least expected any unexpected act of

world-wide. Santa Rosa Junior Col-

lege has Shone Farm, a 365-acre outdoor learning

laboratory for their Agriculture/ Natural Resources Department. It is ranked #1 in the Nation for College Farms, as well it should be, since it is celebrating its 50th Anniversary Year now in 2019! Situated about 12 miles from the main campus, it is between Forestville and Windsor, in the Russian River Valley. Everyone in Sonoma County should feel an overwhelming “attitude of gratitude” about Shone Farm. Not only can we all thank them for the pleasurable opportunities to visit there, but for the sake of the many young people who can learn, in the best ways possible, how to become really well-pre- pared future caretakers in all of their specialties. Te skills they acquire spell out the best of sus- tainable agricultural improve- ments for our future. Another stellar program,

headed by Che Casul, the CEO of Te Center for Social & Envi- ronmental Stewardship, is “a non -profit that provides environmen- tal employment, social services, workforce development, and na- ture connection opportunities for

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A group of men are in the locker room of a golf club. A cell phone on a bench rings and one of the club mem- bers responds by activating the speakerphone. All the others stop to listen. Man: "Hello!" Woman "Honey, it's me, are you at the club?" Man: "Yes" Woman: "I'm at the mall and I found a very nice leather jacket for only 1,200 dollars. Do you think I should buy it?" Man: "Of course, buy it if you really like it" Woman: "I first went to the Mercedes showroom and the manager showed me the collection from last year. There is a model that I really like ..." Man: "How much?" Woman: "110,000 dollars" Man: "OK, but for that price I also want all the options!" Woman: "Fan- tastic! Ah, one more thing ... The house I wanted last year is up for sale again, the asking price is 990,000 dollars" Man: "All right, but first give them an offer of $950,000. If not the other $40,000 is alright, because for that price it still seems like a good deal." Woman: "OK I'll see you later! I love you like crazy!" Man: "I love you too" The man hangs up. The others stare at him in disbelief, without words. He smiles and asks: "Does any- one know who this mobile phone belongs to?"

Jokes & Humor # 2.2

A guy took his girlfriend to her first football game. Afterward he asked her how she liked the game. "I liked it, but I couldn't understand why they were tackling each other for 25 cents," she said. "What do you mean?" he asked. "Well, everyone kept yelling,

'Get the quarter back!'" Every day is a new day, and you'll never be able to find happiness if you don't move on. ~ Carrie Underwood

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