Entrepreneurship Students at Santa Rosa Junior College Receive Grants for Environmentally Focused Business Plans!

SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ Sonoma Clean Power (SCP), the public electricity provider for Sonoma and Mendocino Counties, recently

ship with the SRJC Business Department and students for years to come,” said Kinsey.


grants to students participat- ing in the Santa Rosa Junior College’s (SRJC) Business Entrepreneurship Certificate Program. During the SRJC’s Spring 2019 semester, SCP launched the inaugural “Spirit of Entrepreneurship


After years of developing the groundwork, SCP’s Com- mercial

Accounts Manager,

Nathan Kinsey, was thrilled to see this new venture come to fruition. “It’s great to see the grant assisting in the en- trepreneurial efforts of local students in our communities. Seeing the gratification in the eyes of the students makes it all well worth it. I look for- ward to a continued partner-

The purpose of the grant is

to support local entrepreneurs who are choosing to place sus- tainable practices at the fore- front of their business plans, allowing SCP to further invest in establishing a strong culture

As part of the requirements for the grant, students demon- strated how their business would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, embed themes of sustainability in their enter- prise, and promote energy ef-

of environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social equity throughout the region.

ficiency, energy conservation, or renewable energy. Strate- gies could include improving air quality, reducing the use of fossil fuels, promoting eco- friendly transit, conserving water and resources, and uti- lizing environmentally sensi- tive products and materials. Three students were se-

lected to receive grants be- tween $2,000 and $5,000 to assist them in starting up their new businesses. The first- place winner of the contest was John Guice for his plan to develop an environmental board game.

“I am working

very hard to bring [to life] my vision of producing an envi- ronmental education board game that inspires people to be stewards for the earth, and that is both sustainably and ethically made. These funds will be a great help to achiev- ing my goals,” said Guice, when asked about his winning proposal.

The other winners were Jer- * LANES Double Decker

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emy Arroyo, who was awarded $3,000 toward his new busi- ness, Pickled Peppers, and Jennifer Longman, who re- ceived $2,000 to support her business plan for Jen’s Canine Connection. “I'm grateful to live in an area where people support both entrepreneurship and sustainability. This grant has given me the opportunity to pursue my vision, and I'll use these funds to start my business and contribute more to my community,” said Ar- royo.“Thank you to Sonoma Clean Power for believing in my business and assisting me in my journey to owning my own business and doing what I love!” added Longman. In addition to the annual of Entrepreneurship

“Spirit 707- 585-0226

Grant”, SCP established an endowment with the Santa Rosa Junior College Founda- tion. The endowment is meant to ensure that, even during pe- ...continued on page 30

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