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Heading out to a holiday par- ty? Going to a special wine event or social? Let me drive you safely so you can enjoy yourself! It’s personal & con- venient! T ere are no mileage restrictions. Taking a busi- ness trip and need a ride to the airport? Going wine tast- ing? We have wi-fi so you can work while en-route! Call me!

Personal Transport $50/hr.


The Upbeat Outback • Classified ads & More! $

$50/hr ~ No mileage restrictions ~ Zulla H 75

for 60 words and a 10 word headline in Upbeat Times! Email word copy to or call us at 707-494-1767

When we receive check for $50 we’ll put ad in!

Send a 100 word description

of where you’re having an Upbeat Time! to: Paul A. Doyle, Founder/CEO & Publisher Cel: 707-494-1767

riods of economic uncertainty, the program will continue to receive the financial support necessary to promote an ongo- ing, locally grown workforce committed


exceptional place to Advertise your Business? Dear potential advertiser:

Do You Know Why Upbeat Times is an

1. We are Rock-solid in our 21st year. Imbedded & established in every town & community in the entire region of Sonoma County and a bit beyond. Totaling a reach of nearly 100,000 monthly readers. People want us!

2. 100% positive news and content both printed & online ‘Interactive’ digital newspaper. Upbeat Times is extraordinary, exceptional, original, innovative and with the times. We have re-invented the newspaper industry. While most papers have shrunk or died away, we have grown stronger because of our concept.

3. Successful, upbeat & like minded companies market their products & services with Upbeat Times! And, we are very afford- able!

4. Our successful theme focuses on positive, success minded consumers. Upbeat’s writers and contributors are well educated: we attract similar readers which is why we continue to grow.


6. No competition anywhere in the USA and that includes all radio, digital media, television. Our motto, “No Bad News is Good News!’ Lives UP to its name. You’ve heard it: People are tired of the BAD NEWS! Virtually 100% of our newspapers are picked up becuase there is a desparate need for positive news!

7. Printed ads in Upbeat Times can create new customers! We can drive new people to your web- site and business! The paper reaches all communities in Sonoma County! 8. Exceptional businesses make exceptional advertising choices.

Sincerely, 2019 incorporating

sustainable practices in their businesses.

More Information, please contact Kate Kelly, Director of Public Relations/Sonoma Clean Power ~ kkelly@ Or call 707.978.3468

As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people's ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.

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promotes bands, concerts, festivals and events.

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Pg 30 • JULY 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. There are two places where I can completely relax: in nature and by the piano. ~ Sigrid

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Upbeat Times in Seattle, WA!

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Library. The area preserves the small town atmosphere of its turn-of-the-century roots as a mill and railroad town. In 1978, Columbia City was designated a landmark dis- trict in Seattle to preserve the area's unique character and to encourage


of areas for community use, housing and pedestrian-ori- ented businesses. Columbia City was designated a Na- tional Register Historic Dis- trict the same year although the boundaries are slightly different.

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