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GOLF 101

that prepared.

How To Properly Prepare For The Game

by James Fish •

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Going off to play eighteen holes of golf is no walk in the park. If you are a couple of sand- wiches short of a pic- nic, maybe you aren’t all

So how does one properly prepare for the game? Having properly fit golf clubs is a good start because golf is tough enough and why make the process any harder for oneself?

Once your equipment situ-

ation is settled there are other mountains to climb. Proper diet is also very important. Eating in a health-conscious manner will assist in getting you to a level of optimum ef- ficiency. When the body gets a proper amount of rest and sleep it is ultimately more re- laxed.

Exercise is also of para- mount importance; and proper exercise for a golfer could be getting to the gym or yoga stu- dio on a regular basis. Taking solitary hikes in nature is a good way to tune in to the nat- ural power abounding on the earth. When we walk gently upon the ground, we tend to slow down and slowing down is generally good medicine. A lot of good golf comes down to having a solid grasp of fundamentals and me- chanics. Creating consistency around one’s stroke or swing doesn’t happen by accident but rather by design. Hope and faith can only take one so far.

After that we must rely on our muscle-memory and ability to integrate a proper tempo into our game. Proper tempo is hard to teach and unique to each in- dividual.


a smooth tempo usually comes from within and is more intuitive than mechanical. Having a

meditation practice can help one to better understand the subtle nuances of the game and the need for awareness around tempo.

Golf is very much about BREATHE

where east meets west. As above, so below and all points in between; that is the paradox and the mystery of golf, and why we are called to engage with the elements. It may come as a surprise to some but the feel side of the game of golf is every bit as important as the mechanical side of the game. In fact it is probably more important. A sailboat is really nothing with- out the wind to move it. The game of golf is no different. No matter how sexy the ves- sel looks; it won’t mean much if the engine is no good. One can be physically strong and spiritually weak and that is no recipe for success. Racing off to the game is never a good idea. Slow and steady wins the race is what I tell my stu- dents. Yes we need to be prop- erly prepared for the game and that preparation begins long before the first ball is ever hit.


I am a man that loves the flag. ~ Terry Bradshaw

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