Thank You Luther Burbank!

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Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Whipped cream clouds streak across powder blue summer sky. Orange Peruvian lily, Alstromeria, tangling in and being pushed up by the fragrant climbing rose, Darlow’s Enigma, not something you read about in gardening magazines, just a cooky, beautiful happenstance.


reaching four feet tall and roses in full bloom as well! The glori- ous small, ornamental meadow is beyond imagining this July.


once small starts of Mountain Ma- hogany, Cercocarpus betuloides , now upwards of five feet with their small fragrant white flowers and intriguing silky, curled feather- like seed tails in autumn, western

sky beyond, perfect placement! Mellow yellows of yarrow and splashes of tangy coreopsis finding their posts among dancing balleri- nas of columbine, aquilegia.

budding yampa soon to produce lit- tle white umbrellas and my favor- ite Native American Mosquito or eyebrow grass, bouteloua gracillis. Such vigorous flora contemplating sending up their stems of white blossoms, big, yellow centers, Shasta Daisies, thank-you-very- much Luther Burbank breeder of such delight, giving meadows and picket fences their country-vintage reminiscence. Time to cut back fading flow- ers rejuvenating them for the com-

BENNETT VALLEY JEWELERS ing months of summer. Tall Cut and

tie lavender, wrapping silk ribbon tightly around twenty or so tall stems, hang to dry in a cool place and tuck them in your drawers and linen closets. Delicious fra- grances you love but actu- ally REPELL MOTHS!

If you

haven’t al- ready pur- chased sturdy, well- made tools look for them at Box stores, gar- den suppliers and on line.

Felco, of course, is the classic hand pruner and is a ‘must have.’ Look for bright red handled co- rona trowels of all sizes made of durable stainless steel, lasting for your lifetime. Japanese Hori Hori digging tool and garden knife is essential and will become a fa- vorite, shop[ around for quality and price.

Look for comfortable

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fiberglass handled rakes, hoes and assortments of shovels. Add West County rose gloves to your collec- tion, virtually impenetrable when pruning your thorny roses! Pigskin gloves are flexible and snug fitting. If you don’t want to wear animal hide, stop by King’s Nursery and choose from a myriad of colors of Mud Gloves, at ten dollars a pair they are my personal favorite. You decide! Time to deadhead (removing

fading flowers) encouraging more gorgeous bloom in coming months. Keep everything mulched and wa- tered. Free cardboard is great as

rather than at night, to discourage fungus. Plants need a thorough feeding this time of year.


liquid fish emulsion, Max Sea by hand or use a sprayer, organic com- posted chicken manure and organic all purpose fertilizer.


you are feeding the soil so the soil can nourish the plant. Give support to floppy flowers and vegetables by using steel-rod plant supports. Make your own with the help of plant hero, Monty Don, ps://www., find them at garden stores and on line. Think about introducing trellises to your garden! Use wire, wood, fiberglass, iron or your own cre- ation!

Climbing vegetables and

flowers look splendid on these and make harvesting easier. Gently di- vide clumps of bearded iris, herbs and other overcrowded perennials. Train cucumber vines upward by tying them to supports like bamboo tripods. Harvest vegetables regu- larly to encourage new growth and

an underlayment before mulch is added and a super resource to add to the garden. Earthworms help it breakdown. Water fast growing vegetables in the earliest morning,

tender, succulent deliciousness. Tie up raspberries to fences etc. offer- ing the support they need. Com- post dead leaves and remove slug/ snail habitats. Coffee grounds, lightly roasted and crushed eggshells and copper tape around plants will help as a repellant nourish

and soil.

Get on line for the myriad of advice, help and summer tasks waiting to do. You de- cide.

Gardens be- come sacred

places with stepping stones en- circled in red flowering creeping thyme, Corsican mint or blue-eyed- grass. Benches planted with apple scented Roman chamomile under- foot. Easily a sanctuary in which to breath, meditate, tempt butterflies and offerings for pollinators. Gar- dens, secrete and otherwise can be places to contemplate the illusive. Intricately colored Swallowtail butterflies sip nectar from bright pinkish-lilac Verbena Bonariensis. Stippa barbada also called Silver Feather grass magically sways in hot July sun.

Afternoon breezes

cool our ninety-eight-degree skin. Mourning doves coo in the dis- tance. Tiny black specks of birds soar effortlessly in distant summer sky infused with beginnings of soft cotton candy sunset. Waiting for dark night soon to light up with explosive rainbows of sparkling color, popping, booming, sizzling celebrating our independence, our freedom. Consider that!

Even if the flower is no more, still, the fragrance can be. ~ Jaggi Vasudev

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