The UPBEAT Café Remembering Our Readers!

W by Paul Andrew Doyle, Founder, Proprietor & Publisher ~ • 707-494-1767

e are doing a small change in this issue.

My column (the Verbal Com- mute) is now the Upbeat Café! This a test! The Upbeat Café is a concept I had used a few times in the past and it is also used for a few of my art pieces. It's a gath- ering place of words and

munication utilizing

com- a

philosophy of optimism and verbal benevo - lence meant to

Sometimes at


inspire. Café,

where-ever it may be, great

ideas just flow so easily. While I sleep at night, my

mind does not stop...ever. But, what is fun for me is that I get my best ideas while resting. I'm not really sure how I am wired, but when I dream I get glimpses of what could be, and at times nearly 20 years later, some of my dreams have become real- ity. It's mostly good stuff too. It hap- pens mostly around the times


where is

most active! July's title, "Remember- ing the Readers" comes from a lady who painted a piece of art from a photo of my late cat Suki. She was a beautiful cat

with a great sense of humor and very loving. The paint- ing was great to receive from a long time reader. But, I got so busy with stuff, I inadver- tently forgot to put it in the pa- per from two years ago! (nor- mally I'm great with writing ev- ery thing down). This one got through the cracks. So the


ing is from the photo I publ ished back in July of 2017. The


is Barbara Froberg of Sonoma County. So here you

are Barbara! You are impor- tant to us and thank you for your patience. All of you are important to us!

The readers make the paper. The people. The


ity of it all. In my Upbeat Café (possi- bly a restaur- nant in the future) we are all


of the big- ger picture. Where


we gather and spend our time en- joying


moments life gives us, we can say we are alive and taking nothing for

granted. We remember the readers and value the time they take to send notes to us. You see, with the world filled with

Singing is like a celebration of oxygen. ~ Bjork

instantaneous response mech-

appears easy to

want it yesterday. I purposely leave my phone away from my body so that I can enjoy the moment. I was in a parking lot recently and a young lady wal ked right front

in of

my truck looking at her


She never looked up! She was oblivious to her sur- roundings. It makes me even more vigi- lant to pay a t tention to my sur- roundings, looking for

those less aware. In the Upbeat Café we'll try to add tidbits of interesting in- formation like our Weird Facts & Triva does, but more local info. I'm actually saving the name, The Verbal Commute for a book I'm working on. It is a fun book about communi- cation. I'm for ever attempting to be a better communicator.

And, a better listener. As time progresses, I am doing both. We all have stories to tell and I really want to hear them! I love it when people submit their personal stories to us. I appreciate our readers taking the


to write a letter, al- though, it is now done in the new-fash- ion: E- Mail. I still get a number of


tional hand written let- ters with photos de- veloped via


film and it's great!

In addition, anyone can par- ticipate in the Upbeat Times! If you have a column idea you'd like to share, e-mail us at


Letters to the Publisher:

Hello Paul, I just wanted to let you know that there are actually 13 "letters" in the Hawai'ian alphabet.

The 'okina, or

glottal stop, annotated by an apostrophe, is similar to the sound between the syllables of "oh-oh". It is considered a crucial piece in the language because it's use changes the meaning of words with the same letters. Also found in between the 'i's in Hawai'i.

For example kai means sea or sea water. Adding the 'okina, ka'I means to lead or direct.

Have a great day and keep up the awesome work!

Kainoa Yap of Sonoma County

and we'll look at it to see how it fits in or how it can be fit in. Since we pride ourselves on fun, educational, inspira- tional and heart felt articles ...continued on page 31


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