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Sonoma County, CA. ~ We read titles like, “Spring into Summer with

Great White

Wines.” We do eat differently in differing seasons, but do our wine choices really vary, very much? When it’s time to think about wine choices, I don’t know about you but I think “food,” and then I think “wine,” and vice versa – wine and food. I really don’t think, “We’re headed into summer, so here come all the whites for sipping and reds for barbecues that I need to load into the house.” Really, if it’s in the dead of winter and I think, “I want a white wine,” I go for it. In

Are Wines Really Seasonal Or Reasonable? An Equator Separates All Of It!

By Jo Diaz of Gyserville, CA. •

the summer, if I think “San- giovese,” I’m going for that, too.

Why Newly Released Wines Happen The Way They Do

In the spring months, a win- ery’s white wine is fully fer- mented, and so it’s being bot- tled. One reason this happens is to get access to that storage, be it stainless steel fermenting tanks or oak barrels. This gets the white wine moving along in its production cycle. Why? Because the season is about to deliver new white grapes, and they’ll need the units for fermentation and then storage.

Once that cycle has been com- pleted, red wines follow the same path.

While it makes sense to

come up with “catchy names” to get some wine writer’s at- tention, the reality is that con- sumers think “wine and food” or “food and wine.” They never think, “The season is spring, so it must be time for a

Sauvignon Blanc,” even though that’s a title’s message.

All Wines Have A Rea- son, More Than A Season To that end, we’re headed into summer, but I’m still going to share a consistent, simply de- licious, and beautifully afford-

[Purchased image of a Mendoza Argentina vineyard. Copyright: Alexandr Vlassyuk]

able red, versus the expected white or rose right now. Can you enjoy this with barbecued

foods? Of course! But, so can you also enjoy it, regardless of mood you’re having… rain or shine, spring, summer, fall or winter. It’s simply enjoyable; that’s what you need to know, above all else. Grilled chicken and Malbec? Mais oui!

Seasonal Twists; Flipping The Seasons Via The Equator

Whatever we’re doing in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere is six months ahead of us, season- ally speaking. For instance, our grapes are growing right now in June, north of the equator, and our winemakers are headed toward bottling 2018 white wines. South of the equator, it’s about to be- come

their winter. Leaves

have fallen from the vines, and the vineyards are going into dormancy. The wine cel- lars are finishing off their fer- mentations. When choosing wines and their vintage dates, wines from south of the equa- tor have already been on the market for six months ahead of their northern hemisphere neighbors. So, let’s cross the equator

...continued on page 29 Pg 20 • JULY 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. Hide our ignorance as we will, an evening of wine soon reveals it. ~ Heraclitus

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