July 18, 2019

UPBEAT’s SUMMER Entertainment Guide #2 July 27, 2019

Executive Director of the California Native Plant Society Makes Presentation

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Restora- tion, Biodiversity, and Our New Role in 21st Century California.

Presentation by

Dan Gluesenkamp, Executive Director of the California Na- tive Plant Society. For over 50 years, our community has worked to save and restore California’s celebrated


gardens, from Joshua Tree to Point Reyes to our Laguna de Santa Rosa. During those de- cades, the human population has doubled and biodiversity conservation

in California

has been dramatically trans- formed.

Against all odds, using a growing diversity of concep- tual and technical approaches, we have somehow managed to save most of what makes California special. As we look ahead, we see new threats and wonder how to save California for the fu- ture. $14. Pre-registration required. Time:

6:30pm -

8:30pm. Maggie Hart, Out- reach Coordinator, Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation(707) 527-9277 ext 100. maggie-

Kenwood, CA. ~ Listen to and safely observe of our favorite star – our Sun. It's FREE! Public Star Party 8pm – Midnight ~ Robert Ferguson Observatory.

Saturday, Solar

Viewing 11am - 3pm. Obser- vatory's 3 main telescopes plus additional telescopes are open for viewing. Presentations on astronomical topics are given in the classroom. Friendly and knowledgeable

docents are

available to answer your ques- tions. Admission to RFO Star Parties is $5.00 per adult (18 and older), under 18 FREE State Park Admission is $10.00 per car.

guson Observatory, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park, 2605 Adobe Canyon Road in Kenwood. Visit our Website @ or follow us on Facebook

Public Star Party

Fantasy is a necessary

ingredient in living, it's a

way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that en- ables you to laugh at life's

realities. Dr. Seuss

Upbeat Times at Point Reyes, CA!

Hello Upbeat Times readers! This is an awesome and educa- tional farm tour of the Giacamini farm in Point Reyes where they make the delicious Point Reyes Blue Cheese. Limited reservations only. Cheers! ~ Bruce and Rose Lamanna

Robert Fer-

My dog gives me such joy and makes me laugh incessantly. ~ Stana Katic

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