OUR STUDENT INTERN: For her senior year, Yorkville High

School student Yariliz Aguado has been working as an intern at the Yorkville Area Chamber of Commerce, as part of the YHS Field Experience Program. Te program partners juniors and seniors with local businesses, which act as mentors. Yariliz, who plans next year to attend Monmouth College as a international

business major, says she loves working at the Chamber office. “I have to spend a minimum of five hours a week here,” Yariliz explains.

“Sherri and Christine and the people I meet are great and it’s a great environment. I get a lot of experience.” When she began the program in her junior year, she says she didn’t know if

she wanted to have a career in education or business, but decided on business after working her first intership at Earthmover Credit Union. “I discovered I like networking with people,” she says. Chamber Executive Director Sherri Farley says she has enjoyed working

with Yariliz this year. “She’s doing a little of everything,” Sherri says. “Networking, office systems and procedures, graphics. She’s a big help and it’s fun to teach her, too.”

Yariliz Aguado and Sherri Farley in the Chamber office working on graphics. Photo by Paul E. Burd Photography

Green Connect tour of Goodwill Industries, Yorkville (above) and Mavis Bates, (leſt),speaking on clean energy at the Woman2Woman luncheon in April.

Stephanie Roskopf of Yorkville GREEN CONNECT

Auto Body and Rene Tortorella of Blue Heron Estate Sales, co-chairmen of the Chamber’s Green Connect, are on a mission -- to make people interested in recycling and environmental issues in a fun and interesting way. “We don’t want to just have

Stephanie Roskopf, co-chairman of Green Connect, the Chamber’s enviromental committee. Photos by Paul E. Burd Photography

meetings and more meetings,” Stephanie said. “I want the community to be aware of everything out there to help with recycling and issues like that. I don’t know if everybody has the materials they need or the information they need. So if we can communicate that there’s an easy resource for that information, then maybe more people will get involved.”


Photos by Paul E. Burd Photography Already this year, Green Connect

has co-sponsored a walk through the new Little Rock Creek Forest Preserve, a Chamber luncheon on recycling and clean energy with speakers Mavis Bates and Marta Keane, and a tour of Goodwill Industries. In July they will be involved with children’s activities at Riverfest.

Although part of the Yorkville

Chamber, Green Connect membership is open to the public. Meetings are held the second Tursday of each month at 11a.m. at the Chamber office, 26 W. Countryside. For more information, call the Chamber office at 630-553-6853.

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