Filling the Gaps M

y wife has a the- ory that the sec-

ond child

has to fill the gaps the first one leaves available. It wouldn’t work to try and outdo the first child what

at the

first child a l re a dy

does, so the second child goes in a different direc- tion. If the first is shy the second is outgoing. If the first is quiet the second is

loud, and so on.

As the oldest child, I was never given


curfew... it was never neces - sary. My brother, child num- ber


had strict curfews. I can still hear feet

his ruin-

sidewalk as the clock was striking twelve.

ing up the There

were times when he would sit on the curb out- side the house waiting, so

Upbeat Family, Life & Living 2019 by Gabriel A. Fraire of Healdsburg, CA ~

he wouldn’t arrive home early.

In some ways this sec- ond child stuff scares me. My second child is your typical

second child.

Now, when she is defi- ant, (“No, I don’t want to.”) it’s no big deal. But I think what my friend said. “Girls are nice when they’re young so they can be horrors when they’re teenagers.”

The guy who told me this has two sons. They all

came by to visit.

While I tried to visit with the dad, the noisy, the chaos, the banging, the boys made was crazy. At one point the house shook

when one boy was tossed into the wall by the other. When they left nothing was broken but my calm.

I feel blessed to have girls – teenage years and all.

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