Manahaney as “Link Larkin,” Cassie Grilley as “Tracy

Turnblad,” Elizabeth Jones as “Motormouth Maybelle,” Kennedy Williams as “Little Inez” and David Abrams as “Seaweed J. Stubbs” in Bay Area Musicals’ 2019 Production of HAIRSPRAY. ...See Page 19


Entrepreneur Showcase... Feature: Don Taylor Express ...Pg 6

On the Cover: FIRST UP! Upbeat in Pittsburgh, Texas!

Scott Dilerinzo as “Edna Turnblad,” Kamren

Letters to the Publisher:

Paul, Thanks for the ink in your May 2019 edition! We had an unusually large turnout at last Saturday’s

hike. There is no doubt in my mind that Upbeat Times had a lot to do with it.

The Funky Fridays season opener is June 7, 2019. Bill Myers, Kenwood 707-292-2245

Filling the Gaps ...Pg 8

Dear Upbeat Times, I love, love, love your Upbeat Times! I live in a small town called Leesburg Texas, a population of 998. Our big town is Pittsburgh, Texas. The population is 4651, and the hometown of the Pilgrims Pride Chicken empire. It was started in 1947 by Lonnie Bo Pilgrim and his brother. The 37 foot tall head of Bo Pilgrim is set outside the headquarters. We call it the ‘Big Head’. There is smaller statue of Bo Pilgrim and his chicken called, Henrietta. Please let me know if you run this so I can get a copy of your paper! Sincerely, Billye M. Poston of Leesburg, Texas

Entertainment Guide ...Pg 9

Upbeat Times Juicy Tales SIGMOND

By Jo Diaz of Gyserville, CA.

Mortgage Coach

...Pg 20 The

A Moving Season! ...Pg 26 Pg 2 • JUNE 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. ©2019 Doyle Features Syndicate. I was raised by my father; I was daddy’s girl. ~ Amber Heard

I am a 94-year-old optimistic lady who finds TV and most printed news un-palatable! I recently had a physical setback which made me think that was it! But due to special care by staff and excellent physicians, I have returned to practically my former self. I was at a local hospital, so I’m not regularly getting copies of your paper. I find it notably & wonderfully uplifting but informative! I have decided to subscribe! I find all your columns interesting, your jokes readable, your astrolog- ical guru very entertaining. I am a Sagittarius and your whole endeavor very worth attention! Thank you for doing what you do. Barbara C. of Sonoma County



Hi Paul, I am sincerely thank- ful for your recovery from

...continued on page 30 Where did Sigmond come from?

FirsT HumoR

There was a farmer who grew watermelons. He was doing pretty well, but he was disturbed by some local kids who would sneak into his watermelon patch at night and eat his watermelons. After some careful thought, he came up with a clever idea that he thought would scare the kids away for sure. He made up a sign and posted it in the field. The next day, the kids show up and they saw the sign which read:

“Warning! One of the water- melons in this field has been injected with poison.” The kids ran off, made up their own sign and posted it next to the farmer’s sign. When the farmer returned, he surveyed the field. He noticed that no watermelons are missing, but the sign next to his read: “Now there are two!”

Facts & Trivia # 1

On average you breathe in about 15 times a minute. If you run hard, the rate soars to around 80 times a minute.

Newborn babies breathe about 40 times a minute.

If you live to the age of 80, you will have taken well over 600 million breaths.

A normal breath takes in about 0.4 liters of air. A deep breath can take in ten times as much.

By Paul Andrew Doyle

Texas Loves Upbeat!

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