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Gas station Left Town.” Ace of Cups gets you rockin’

and rollin’ with “Circles.” Scottish band, Ol d

Sonoma County, CA. ~ The Peacetown 2019 Sampler is jammed-packed with 18 in- spiring songs to coincide with the Peacetown Summer Con- cert Series. The CD Sampler showcases some of the bands that are the featured perform- ers in this summer’s line-up in Ives Park in Sebastopol. Mr. Music and The Love Choir have the wholesome title track “Peacetown.”


Blues Burners’ “Wonder- ful Life” with its tinges of ska is a fun dance song. Hangman’s Daughter


out with “Under The Sun.” Chicago Blues Legend, Nick Gravenites brings it to a re- laxing tempo with “Since The

Blind Dogs’


Hill” gets your spirit mov- ing with Ali Hutton’s awe-



some bagpipes. MaMuse sings their heartfelt, “Prayers for Freedom,” an anthem for modern-times. Show-stopper, Annie Sampson, will get you up outta your seat and stomp- ing your feet with “I'm Going For The Big Fish Baby.”

Hoytus Rolen gives his all in “Happy,” DJ Loisaida says, “it is a great song for dancing.” Incredible vocal- ist, Allegra Broughton with Solid Air delights the listener with “Beautiful World.” Duo Quartet croons on their sweet and somber country ballad, “Lucky Charm.” SonoMu- sette

features Mimi Pirard

singing eloquently in French on “Valse se Septembre.” Marshall Law Band plays a toe-tapping “Baby Got It Goin' On.”

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Onye & the Messengers highlight the heartbeat of the drums with the powerful “Na- tive Africa.” Volker Strifler delights with “West Virginia Boy.” Levi Lloyd’s expert guitar-playing is evident in “Music Maker.” The Pulsa- tors groove on “These Days” with their relevant timely lyr- ics. Dream Farmers skillfully round out the selections with their “Avalanche Of Love.” Purchasing a copy of the Peacetown 2019 Sampler is a Win-Win. You get to listen to some great music by talented musicians while knowing that the proceeds are benefitting the Mr. Music Foundation music in schools program. Be sure to listen to the lyrics and the blending of instruments on the tracks. Savor the Sam- pler all year long! Learn more about the Peacetown Summer Concert Series in this month’s Musical Notes in Sonoma County column. Share the Peacetown Vibe!

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