UPBEAT’s Entertainment Guide Juicy Tales

By Jo Diaz of Gyserville, CA.

Visiting Castello di Amorosa

Sonoma County, CA. ~ It seems like so long ago, from now, when I visited Castello di

Amorosa in Calistoga,

Napa Valley, on a whim. My husband Jose and I had just attended a media tasting for a Rutherford Dust event, and I decided that I wanted to not pass by Castello di Amorosa, as I had so many times before. (I live in wine country, so we pass every winery every day we’re on the road; this isn’t unusual. (Wanting to stop af- ter an event was…)

What was unusual was pil- ing one event on top of an-

other, because I knew it was going to ultimately be very time consuming. Still, I just felt like it was time… Today, I’m recalling one of

the best decisions I ever made, when I asked Jose to segue up the hill to the “Castle.”

From V. Satuti Winery to Castello di Amorosa

Castello di Amorosa has

gained the cache for being a great place for parents with kids (with them in wine coun- try), to segue for a bit, so the kids are a bit entertained, too.

So few wineries are as cordial as the Castello. Honestly, I’m not

surprised. When I was working at Robert Mondavi Winery, for instance, I loved having children on my tour. I

knew that learning a bit about wine was going to help with their own temperance some day. Deny anything to a child and they want it more. Ed- ucate them as to why their

parents are enjoying a bit of wine in their lives, and they’re possibly future wine connois- seurs. Nowhere will anyone learn that more than by trav-

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