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don’t know about you all, but I am finding it right noisy out there and there for noisy in here. When this cli- mate of static -in -the attic arises for


I get over to a nice favorite spot and sort out the duds from the delectables in a manner of speaking. While I am in this meditation

place, I

also grab myself an It’s It Bar and people watch because this friend is a polaroid snap- shot of the ingress from Taurus to Gemini. The retro reference is mainly a drag device. Gem- ini likes this speed but as we mosey out of the orb of Taurus this new pace is liable to give us a little

bit of sore-neck-

whiplash. Transitions- always tricky, luckily though, with as- trology you know it’s coming. Because it’s not just like clock- work. It IS clockwork! This bombardment upon

our attention span, our ability to align focus and breath is usually others wanting some- thing from us; T.V, radio, friends, family, pets, politi- cians. Though many are well meaning, for the most part they don’t want us to think for our- selves and follow our own per- sonal GPS. Because it may not directly include them.


DizKlaimurz Our entire paper is strictly for entertainment purposes and nearly 100% positive in nature. From time to time there are a few mistakes, and occasionally a few spelling errors. Also, some of the information/jokes/facts may or may not be true as well as the sources of infor- mation that are contributed. We can guarantee with certainty that we thoroughly check all sources of information. Sum thymes wii allsew mzspell uh bunch uv wurds tu dryve peepull crayzee. Hope u lyk et!!! Just remember not to take life to seriously. For those of you who r critics...our fan base is 99.999% happy! We mostly hope that after reading this paper you might smile a bit more, learn something new or be a bit more inspired by life. Give a copy of Upbeat Times to someone would could use GOOD NEWS! ~ Paul Andrew Doyle

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by: Zak Zaikine of Sebastopol, CA. ~ Gemini is ALL about


tionships and communication a mercury strawberry on ste- roids. So, let’s start with our selves.

Setting aside a

small bit of time. Some- where quiet. This is nothing

new. It is ageless and truly ef- fective. Record what comes to you. Start easy one question a day to get through and before

the week is

through the answers will come. This pro- cess is essentially, meditation, in that you are quieting the peanut gallery in your mind and listening for and recognizing the signature of your internal guidance sys- tem.

Gemini does rule the third house of Mercurial commu- nication, but it is also an ex- tremely flirty, inventive and playful sign. Taking this en- ergy, think out of your current box and even if you are out of the box like many of you who are reading this paper try to crawl into a new box. Collect all your amazon boxes and cre- ate a nice fort. Gemini is a bril- liant problem solver, but they do it in a completely unique way,

This is one of the oldest forms of call and response. The twins of Gemini talking with

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UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • JUNE 2019 • Pg 31

each other in their special lan- guage. This really is the per- fect sign season for practicing and honing our play and com- munications style. Connecting connections. I really do think that connection is what it’s all about.

For relationships at this chatty time it might be a good idea to shift gears

to listening

mode as well. It’s a bit of an aikido move or old acting trick where going back to go forward makes

the gesture more powerful. It will not only strengthen the bond of your relationship with your partner but mirror- ing back the relationship you have with yourself. Thus get- ting two tickets for the price of three. Hee hee. We will next see you with our entrance into the great sea of the cardinal sign of Cancer. Instead of our traditional trip to Disney Land we will meet you at the taffy pulling booth at Knott’s Berry Farm. May all of you out there have not only a blessed and sacred birthday, but that life be a bit more gen- tle because you are in charge and can make it so.

Countywide Document Shredding Event in Marin

Novato, CA. ~ Redwood Credit Union (RCU) is host- ing a free document shredding event for the Marin commu- nity on Saturday, June 1, 2019 from 9 a.m. to noon in the Sut- ter Novato Community Hospi- tal parking lot at 180 Rowland Way. The popular Shred-a- Thon will feature free docu- ment shredding provided by Shred-It and electronic waste (e-waste) collection by Con- servation Corps North Bay.



Redwood Credit Union Public Relations Department (707) 576-5224

JOKES & Humor #6... and a few puns!

A man who was swerving down the road got pulled over by a policeman. "You're a terrible driver," the cop said. "Thank goodness for that," the man replied. "I thought the steering wheel was broken!" ~

I went to the dentist without lunch, and he gave me a plate. ~

The flipside of contagious gum disease is an infectious smile. ~

Contemplating my imminent root canal procedure was deeply unnerving.

Zak Zaikine

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