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Seeing Into the Future The Verbal Commut

TM by Paul Andrew Doyle, Founder, Proprietor & Publisher ~ • 707-494-1767

see someone in the near future calling me about my perfectly working 4-color shirt printing silk screen equipment. I’d like to sell it because I no longer have time to print shirts and I don’t want it to collect too much dust. They are someone looking for a new business to start, possibly working for themselves.


ing silk screen equipment includes about

just every-

thing they need to do a thriving t-shirt business! If you have a computer


image software of any kind, and a little bit of patience you can make it hap- pen! Part of the equipment


cludes supplies such as: 4-color press, 11 foot

dryer conveyor (requires 220), brand new flash dryer, all the inks you need, screens, shirts of all sizes (over 300 brand new), squeegies, print paper, brand new light exposure ta- ble, platins, rince booth, emul- sion spreader and a lot more! I’ll even throw in my HP 1220 printer to print the images for the silk screen. All for one price of $6988 OBO (actual total value $9900). All offers will be responded to. Make us a crazy offer!! Inquire at 707- 494-1767 or e-mail at paul@


So, if you know someone, please call us at the Upbeat Times. The finder of this will receive $150 cash and a full year subscription (worth $65) to Upbeat Times. I see the weather warming

the creative juices flowing and people living healthier than ever. I’ve been told by many good friends that I am

I have perfectly work- that

up and the gardens growing. I see great events around the county and beyond! I see peo- ple working on proj- ects together from all walks of life. I see people each

talking with other in ways

that benefit humanity. I see the Upbeat Times getting into the hands of people who could use a bit of positive encouragement in their lives. I see beautiful sunsets and

a dreamer. I would agree. I never stop dreaming about a better world to live in. Truthfully, it’s hard to

fathom searching for another planet to live on when the one we live on is perfectly fine, in most ways. Yes, there are vari- ous parts of the planet that are not doing their best, but what I see from day to day are 90% of people going about their businesses and lives in a most peaceful way. It’s important to take care of what we all have here on earth.


every night and each day I go outside to see the sunshine & the

glad that they are

stars. I'm fairly


ble and that the constella- tions are quite reliable


pretty much in the same place they were when I was a child. This brings me

peace and internal stability. No weather stops me from go- ing outside! Clouds, rains and

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I can definitely say the older I’ve got the better I’ve become at being a dad and a husband. ~ Rod Stewart UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • JUNE 2019 • Pg 3

Jokes & Humor # 2

A city couple went for horse riding lessons while on holidays. The cowboy preparing the horses asked the wife whether she wanted a Western or English saddle, and she asked what the difference was. He told her one had a horn and one didn't. She replied, "The one without the horn is fine. I don't expect we'll run into too much traffic."

Fun is about as good a habit as

there is. Jimmy Buffet


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