Upbeat’s ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE Don Taylor’s Omelette Express Opens First Ever International Restaurant

Directly Benefiting Children and Single Moms in Je-Ju-do, South Korea! by Paul Andrew Doyle

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ I’ve known Don Taylor for over 30 years. In all those years he has been consistent with one thing for sure…Who he is, what he’s is about, and how he runs his businesses. In my hum- ble opinion, he’s always been straight forward with all he does here in Sonoma County and now in South Korea. But, he’s been working on several projects in Korea that include the third Omelette Express, located in Je-Ju-do, South Ko- rea.

I choose Don Taylor of Don

Taylor’s Omelette Express as entrepreneur for the June 2019 issue of the Upbeat Times, because not only is he a very good business man, he’s also genuine when it comes to his way of thinking and what he does for others. I started the Upbeat Times back in 1998, and when I really got things go- ing with the paper,


was there for me and I was there for him, celebrating and pub- lishing his successes. He bought ads from me when he

could. Those ads

helped us to publish the paper. This helped other businesses and individuals who couldn’t afford to buy ads, but des- perately needed the exposure for the humanity driven ob- jectives they had. When Don couldn’t run promotions, he was honest with me from the get -go. He would directly say, “I’m already committed to so & so, but get back to me in a

international restaurant from a Santa Rosa based business! The restaurant is a joint effort between Dr. AeDuck Im of Aesuhwon Center for single Moms and Children in Je- Ju-do, South Korea, and Mr. Taylor of Omelette Express, right here in Sonoma County. Don Taylor Express is the name of the new International restaurant and is a non profit

Pg 6 • JUNE 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. Rosa.. Don

few months and we’ll talk!” Sure enough, he followed through…every

time. As a

businessman, I really appreci- ate when the owner of an es- tablishment is honest with me and up-front with their deci- sions regarding marketing or advertising or the free public relation stories I frequently publish. You see, there is a huge benefit with working with this paper: It’s always a win-win.

Fast forward to today. Here

we are in a time where the world really needs to come to- gether. A time where positive interactions

are desperately

needed as well as people from all over the world who could really use a guy like Dan to make a difference and create long lasting friendships as well as change lives! Don has opened the first ever

restaurant that benefits them. Also, thanks to a grant from Samsung Corporation, 10 vis- itors from the new Don Tay- lor Express in Je-Ju-do, South Korea are trav- eling to Santa Rosa to train with Don and his staff, then to Las Vegas for some fun! This is a first ever, interna- tional


rant exchange in Sonoma County where they will train at the Ome- lette


located at 112 4th St. Santa Taylor


“We’re going to make it the best ever for our guests!” All thanks to Dr. Im & Don’s ef- forts.

Now I know why sometimes Don was gone on these trips to South Korea so much… He was making a difference a whole world away. Don is kind of a celebrity in South Korea and has made it on Ko-

is humble about his achieve- ments. In the eyes of the Up- beat Times, he is a leader, friend and benevolent entre- preneur who deserves all the success he has had.

The guests from Korea will

arrive the night of June 4th here in Sonoma county. They will be working 9:00am to

They will also be introduced at the Wednesday night mar- ket June 5th at 7:45pm.

For me, I commend Don and Dr. Im. It takes courage to do what both of them have done together. If you have any questions, call Don at 707-525-1690

We’re all a result of our early years and our nature and nurture. ~ Ruth Bradley

rean television several times for his hard working efforts to help these children & single moms in need. What I admire about Don is the fact he kind of downplays his success and

1:00pm at Santa Rosa Om- elette Express the 5th, 6th, and 8th,

so please come in

and meet and welcome them to California and have some great food at the same time!

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