Chandi Hospitality Group Revitalizing Downtown Santa Rosa! Upbeat’s ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE

A Vision With Courage by Paul Andrew Doyle, Publisher

The Chandi Hospitality Group with Upbeat Times Publisher, Paul Andrew Doyle(in Flower Shirt) at Bollywood Bar & Clay Oven in downtown Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa, CA ~ When I first met Sonu & Sunny Chandi, it was at the Stout Brothers Irish Pub & Brewhouse at 527 4th Street in Santa Rosa (web: in 2013. They had just purchased the restaurant and had asked me to write a story about their newly

acquired “We’re

had in mind...they also wanted help attract people to the revi- talized or to be revitalized (at the

time) down- passionate

business...and of course we did! (They also men- tioned that they were working on quite a few other restaurant projects...and boy, that was the truth!) But this wasn’t the only project they

about providing a unique experience paired with world class hospitality to everyone who steps foot in our restaurants.”

John Diekmann, Marketing Manager

town Santa Rosa Marketplace.

just want to open a restaurant

They didn’t as

usual, they wanted to create a place where you had “An Experience”, not just another restaurant ing,

but home a

open- place

you could go that felt

customers a more personal ex- perience.

In addition, they felt that Pg 6 • March 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

more like and gave

as entrepreneur’s, it was also important to bring a personal touch not normally seen in the art of running a company. That is another reason I wanted to write a story about them. I wanted to high- light the approach I really admire that carries the entre- preneurial spirit of positive, and

personal responsible

attributes that are necessary for run- ning any successful business. What I also really appreciate about Sonu, Sunny, and team is the approach they take that includes family. Plus, they all

cated work ethic!). ‘Growing a company takes a lot of hard work, trust and hiring the right people. It’s crucial...and, we are a family!’, Sonu tells me.

work together, and very hard (almost 24 hours a day... Sonu & Sunny kidded around dedi-

They included me in the photo above because they felt I had the same goal in mind as part of a team working together to re-stim- ulate


Santa Rosa. It truly requires teamwork. And, eating together was a great way to really

learn about

their business phi- losophy. It was re- laxed and personal. While I listened to the team, I taste one of their menu items,

in a traditional tiffin, (Tiffin is an Indian English word for a type of meal) called Chana Masala at Bollywood Bar & Clay Oven. All the spices are

You can control two things: your work ethic and your attitude about anything. ~ Ali Krieger

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