The Night Life

Te North Bay &


by Geoff Wittmer

Sonoma County, CA. ~ The Redwood Cafe in Cotati has the THUGZ and the Alligators doing a Pigpen tribute on 3/18 and KRSH Blues with Bowker 40th anniversary show on 3/16 At the Mystic The Shook

Twins w/ The Rainbow Girls will be there on 3/3 and Ste-

phen Marley solo acoustic will be there on 3/24.


in Sebastopol will have Royal Jelly Jive on 3/2, Irie Fuse on 3/30, and A Bellydance Superstar Re- naissance on 3/31.

Heading over to Napa to the

Uptown Theater you can see Marshall Tucker on 3/8 and Matt Nathanson on 3/22. You can celebrate Mardi Gras with New Orleans Leg- ends, The Radiators and spe- cial guests on 3/1 and 3/2, Jorma Kaukonen (Hot Tuna) for a couple solo shows on 3/8 and 3/9, Grammy Award win- ning singer-songwriter Marc Cohn best known for his hit song “Walking In Memphis” on 3/12, The Garcia Project

Who’s Got the CHOPS?


Lennon New Years Eve 2018 at the


with Maria Muldaur perform- ing a full classic 1978 set list of a Jerry Garcia Band show, Zepparella (all female Led Zeppelin rockin tribute band) for 2 nights on 3/22 and 3/23. Billy Idol will be at The Pal- ace of Fine Arts for a day and an evening- inside on 3/7 and in the parking lot at 12:00 pm on 3/8!

The Night Life

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is chosen by popular vote of the audience. Chop’s Teen Club’s Execu- tive Director, Lorez Bailey: “I cannot believe how this event has grown in the last three years and has been so em- braced by our community.


is an awesome night that is not to be missed. We appreciate all of the team participants work- ing so hard to support Chop’s, a long standing community organization that really cares about and enjoys teens.” This is an event for those 18 and older and will take place at the Luther Burbank Center from 5-9:30pm, with an af- ter party at Epicenter Sports and Entertainment Complex from 10pm-12am. Tickets to the event start at $60, with wine and food tickets avail- able.

Rosa Restaurant, Sally To- matoes,

Sponsors include Lagunitas

Company, Epicenter

Brewing Sports

and Entertainment Complex, Airport Express, La Tortilla Factory and Signarama. Tick- ets and more information can be found at www.whosgotth-

About Chop’s Teen Club: For the past seventeen years, Chop’s Teen Club has been dedicated to providing a safe, fun and productive


where Sonoma County teens engage, connect and discover their

true potential. Chop’s

Teen Club knows that youth are the future of Sonoma County and is dedicated to providing them with the time, opportunities and support they need to become successful and contributing


of our community. Located near Railroad Square, Chop’s serves about 1,000 local youth per year for an annual mem- bership fee of just $60.

Pg 20 • March 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. “It is beautiful to express love and even more beautiful to feel it.” ~ Dejan Stojanovic La

California produces more than 2/3rds of the celery grown in the U.S. and Florida produces about 20%.

Celery is native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a flavoring.

The Ancient Chinese used it as a medicinal.

The celery that we all buy in the local supermarket is Pascal variety, first culti- vated in 1874 in Michigan.

The Pacific Golden Chanterelle (Cantharellus formosus) was designated as the Official Mushroom of Oregon in 1999.

Charlie the Tuna, repre- sentative of StarKist Tuna, made his first appearance in a TV commercial for StarKist, in 1961.

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