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by James Fish •

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ If you want to know where the road meets the rubber, take a good look at your grip. It represents the beginning and the end of the jour- ney. Without a solid grip a golfer has no sense of connection. Everything is random, certain

un- and

baffling to that golfer who doesn’t know where their golf ball is going or why. A two- way miss is too much of not knowing why when our golf game begins to wan- der. It might not be all that sexy but without a firm foun- dation it is hard to find one’s way to the penthouse. When you finally get tired of groping around in the dark- ness the light will find you. Then you will grab hold of something substantial and you will know it. Could be dumb luck or just following a hunch, but eventually we do find what we are looking for. A great golf shot flies to its destina- tion on the wings of intention with the help of a good grip on the club-handle. Intention and imagination

are imperative

but without the tactile dimen- sion of the grip the golf club could not perform its function. Having awareness of a proper grip is only half the battle. Recognizing the im- portance of proper grip pres- sure covers the other half of the equation. Gripping the club-handle too tightly kills the flow. I like to tell my stu-

dents to feel the force, don’t force the feel. If the left hand works as the lead hand and the right hand follows as the trail hand, real co- operation and balance can emerge. Like

a hus-

band and a wife, like day into night; somewhere, some


somehow a spirit of trust is born and magic can begin. When my first PGA


ter instructor showed me the flaws in my grip nine years ago,

it was in fact a sobering mo- ment. I had no idea what it was to have a weak grip but that’s exactly what I was sporting. Instead

of getting the

club-handle into the palms of the hand, I began anew by getting the tips of my fingers involved first. Then from there I could roll the palm more effi- ciently into a stronger position where the seam created be- tween my thumb and fore-fin- ger on my lead hand was fac- ing my right shoulder. This newer understanding changed everything. Now my shots were being compressed with a lot more authority. This subtle shift marked the beginning of my true ascent into the King- dom.

Any golfer can find the zone where art meets science and excellence holds court. This is the Way if you are looking for a path. This is where the road meets the rubber, this place between earth and sky just be- tween you and I.

sible reasons, than did the froggy chorale start up again. Within two or three seconds of the activation of my thought processes, as if on cue, frog croaks were activated again too, in full force. I imagined a conductor in a spotty green tux signaling, “OK gang, ev- erybody jump in again –all together now. Let’s really get her attention!” Implausible! Their sounds had perfectly mirrored the movement of my inner state, fore and aft, from

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noisy to still to noisy again. In the space, I felt the pres- ence of my Coyote medicine teacher disguised as a bunch of frogs! The master Trickster had stolen up on me, taking me completely by surprise. Its gift was one of perfect mirror- ing, and the connection of all creatures in the web of life. In a few words taken from the Lakota Sioux, Mitakuye Oya- sin: All My Relations.

Shining delight, Marcia

“Te noble man is chiefly concerned with wisdom and

friendship; of these, the former is a mortal good, the latter and

immortal one.” Epicurus

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Each winter my uncle has his chimney inspected and cleaned. He does this to prepare his home for the ‘flue’ season! ~

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Did you hear about the dog who ran two miles to bring back his master’s stick? Personally, I think it’s a bit far-fetched.


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