Revitalizing Downtown Santa Rosa! ...continued from page 7 Foundation en-

of their grandmother, Bibi’s Education

courages and inspires young men and women to reach their education goals. They work with a wide variety of local charities, including:


20-30 Club, Chops Teen Club, SOS Community Counsel- ing, the Human Race, Center For Well-Being, and Social Advocates for Youth.

CHG is always looking to

hire. They believe in: “work- ing hard and to always im- prove ourselves and the world around us. We strive to con- stantly grow and develop per- sonally and professionally. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.” Web: careers.

Having lived in Sonoma County most of my life, I want to say it is a pleasure to work with such great peo- ple who take the time to re- ally make a difference in the community I was personally raised in. Please be sure to

Upbeat Family, Life & Community Golden Sunshine


Taking cuttings of clove scented ribes commonly known as red currants to eventually grow and mingle in the antique apple orchard. Happily leaning against the old garage wall, is Graham Thomas, a yellow flower- ing honeysuckle scenting the late evening air in early sum- mer. Big pots of spectacular sweetly scented Mock Or- ange, botanically called phil- adelphus, bushes ready to plant out soon in semi- shade. Plant sun loving,

Some of the staff & owners you will meet when you go to Bollywood Bar & Clay oven!

It’s Minestrone Weather!

mention you saw and read this article in Upbeat Times. And, don’t forget to attend St. Patrick’s Day on the Square March 17th in Santa Rosa, sponsored by the Chandi Hospitality Group!

tolerant Erigeron starts at the top of tall brick or stone walls or into terra cotta pots to tum- ble down the sides, little white petaled daisy-like flowers with hints of lightest pink. Don’t forget the kids, gardening children of the fu- ture. Pick up a set of color- ful small tools, rakes, trowels and of course little sets of hand protecting, comfortable gardening gloves. Packets of fast-growing vegetables and flowers are fun too. So much to plant, so much to do, so much to see. Early spring is full of projects to complete before it gets too hot. Take time to make a To Do list so


nothing is forgotten!

Pick up a set of colorful small tools, rakes, trowels and of course little sets of.....

cal Western Farm’s ‘Call of the Wild’ all season bird seed mix. Clean feeders when nec- essary so mold won’t have a chance to grow! Projects from white crushed oyster shells, applied regularly to keep pests from digging up ev-er-y-thi- ng to vinegar sprays on rap- idly growing weeds that you DID NOT plant! The month of March is a very busy time. Sipping Echinacea teas from Tradi- tional Medicinals to fight the ‘super bugs’ and new vi- ruses that are about these chilly days of lingering win- ter. Bundle up! Be well dear garden- ers and everyone else too! Soak up the

...continued from page 10 Keep bird feeders full of lo-

. . ephemeral ‘ball ‘. . .in the ocean reflecting. . . blue sky. Golden sunlight streaming through lacy curtains, outside tables filled with growing plants in labeled seed trays, thy are the spring starts of this new season. . .Joni Mitchell sings ‘and the seasons they go round and round the painted ponies go up and down. . .we’re captive on the carousel of time’. Don’t let the grandeur of your dreams fade away or be fettered by others.

healing light. Try a bowl of our homemade original Mama Fiori’s recipe!

Juicy Burgers & Awesome Fries...

Buns & Burgers Fiori’s

406 Larkfield Center Santa Rosa, CA 707-546-6835

Open 11am to 8pm Daily! Pg 26 • March 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” ~ Anthony Robbins

Charbroiled Fresh... Never Frozen!

logical gods of wind and their haunting tales, harmonics of wind chimes sing, bright planets and glistening stars fill the black velvet night sky, moment to moment, on this beloved Earth. . . ‘we are stardust, we are golden. . .and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden’, reminds Joni.


her floral cloak on this verdant land and scented the air with her sweet perfume.

Earliest spring has spread

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