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Musical Notes in Sonoma County Celebrating Women’s History Month With Music!

by Shekeyna Black ~

Sonoma County, CA. ~ What do Patrice DeArman, Kami Chiles, Debra Anderson, Kate Foley-Beining, Stephanie Teel, Faith Ako, and Lavay Smith all have in common? Tese talented female musicians are part of the Celebrating Wom- en’s History Month Series at Redwood Cafe in Cotati. For ticket information and show- times, visit: www.redwood- Te Women’s History Month

Concerts include Song Girls: Four Women in Musical Con- versation on Tursday, March 7th. Music-lovers will recog- nize Patrice DeArman as one of the four lead vocalists in the Bay Area Band, Pride & Joy. Kami Chiles, one of the sing-

ers in Project 4 Band, is known for donning costume changes to enhance her performances of Etta James and Aretha Franklin. Debra Anderson, of Sebastopol, leads a Pop Up Jam every other month on the third Wednesday at Red- wood Cafe. Healdsburg’s, Kate Foley-Beining performs the work of Joni Mitchell, as an- other project besides the Song Girls. Enjoy dancing to the music performed by these four singers and their band. Celebrate International

Women’s Day with the Stepha- nie Teel Band on Friday, March 8th. She and her talented band keep the dance floor full with their

special brand of fun cover songs. Teel wails on

guitar and sings her heart out delighting audiences. On her website, Sonoma County resi- dent, Faith Ako explains, “Per- sonally my goal is to help pre- serve and pr om o t e music of the Hawai- ian people.” Get in the Aloha spirit on March 21st for this seated show with Faith on ukulele and vocals. Rounding out the line-up is Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers on Saturday, March 30th. Vocalist and bandleader, Lavay Smith grew up in both Southern Califor- nia and the Philippines and has become an internationally recognized Diva of Jazz and Blues. Lavay Smith and her band play danceable originals and iconic covers reminiscent of a by-gone era. Important Fact: Te Na-

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Pg 12 • March 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

tional Women’s History Proj- ect (NWHP) was founded in

Sonoma County in 1980. It is to the women who founded NWHP, that we owe our grat- itude, for their persistence in getting Congressional Rec- ognition of Women’s History Month in 1987. Annually, according to nationalwomen-, NWHP “selects a theme for the year as a way to unify the country in their women’s history cel- e br a t ions and Te

events. theme

for 2019 is Vis i onar y Wo m en: C h a mp i - ons of Peace &

o len ce . ” March

Nonvi- is

Wo m e n ’ s H i s t o r y Month (not e ve r yo n e knows)


tell a friend! Or better yet, bring them to a show Celebrat- ing Women’s History Month.

ABOUT Shekeyna:

Shekeyna Black is a friend and Upbeat Times Entertainment Manager and well known for her company, A Miracle

Production [AMP] produces and promotes bands, concerts,

festivals and events throughout Northern California. Have an event? She’s the one to contact!

A company owner was asked a question, “How do you motivate your employ- ees to be so punctual?” He smiled & repied, “It’s simple. I have 30 employees and 29 free parking spaces. One is paid parking.”

The Verbal Commute

...continued from page 3

an art show of my own some- time this year. I took a picture of part of a

painting that reminded me of camping as a young boy. It reminded me of how much being outdoors is important to me and my family. Oregon also reminds me of a place where nature seems to be in all it glory. I shall return this summer

for yet another adventure. Do you ever wonder why

some businesses make it and others don’t? Mainly it’s takes a positive work ethic and a lot of hard work. I was inspired by the theme of last months Ver- bal Commute to start a special section in my paper called Up- beats Entrepreneurial Show- case. It is on page sixof this issue and features the Chandi Hospitality Group. A family that is driven to make a posi- tive impact on the community in which they live. A vision of courage. It’s like what we do here at the Upbeat Times. Yes, I’m doing this paper to make a living, but I am also doing it because no one else is, and, it is in my heart to make a positive impact on the world around me. Tere are so many health benefits to all that is positive that we absorb in our lives...I hope that some of it rubs off on the people who need it most!

May this

issue find you well!

“Obscurity and a competence—that is the life that is best worth living.” ~ Mark Twain

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