The Upbeat Outback • Miscellaneous & More! StaR ChartinG S by: Zak Zaikine of Sebastopol, CA. ~

o here we are on the tidal edge of a new astrolog- ical year.

its last stand with a dream-like presence offering a shimmer- ing portent of things to come. Because the cycle is always a circle –we can feel the quickening heat of the first sign of the zodiac the Aries ram. Senses alert us that that most mag- ical

of transitions

is about to -spring. But there is still lots of mist around. You can almost hear the communications of the darting Piscean fish zig zagging in the bright beams of light seeking safe shadows to gather their year.

thoughts for Pisces cloaks

group and unwind a bit. And to you Aries’ You can unwind better still in this transition time by gathering and sooth- ing yourself, knowing that come the winds of spring, you will give free rein to a flow of

from the comics, some cellu- loid, a dash of pulp, sprinkle of Rumi- throw the whole thing into my lone-silver bullet blender and down the hatch!

Since I have touched on planets (as we group them under aspects) a good start

in learning

about astrology is to know your own sun sign. Think about


family and people you come in con- tact with who are also your sign. Even though you may have major and


ferences complete

the new If you directly have as-

pects of Aries in your make up (birth chart) your percola- tion should be exceptionally bubbly right about now. Our sure-footed ram is all about action. One could even say it’s getting heady, which would fit the Aries very well, as the first sign rules the head. Timing is everything though. The true Aries arrives in our Northern Hemisphere as the first day of our new years’ spring on the 20th of March at 2:58 pm. Before we leave the remain- ing weeks of Pisces, I would hope that the thoughtful plans the Piscean made earlier in the month be supported by their old/new mantra…”I can do it. YES! I can do it.” unite the two ends of that fantastic vi- sion and complete the task at hand. You, of anyone, can do this! Then you can swim over to your favorite hide-out, re-

new, creative energy that even you did not expect to have this year!

I myself have two major

aspects of Aries in my natal chart- the Moon and Mars, the true ruler of Aries. As a writer and extremely feeling child, my emotions ran high. These two aspects, the Moon and Mars fall into my 5th house. This house is ruled by Leo/ the Sun/ the King as well as amusement and entertain- ment. This certainly fits the bill of my make-up. You may relate if you have aspects in this house as well.

The moon, however is usu-

ally representative of the fem- inine, so having her in my 5th house served in my case to teach me how to both mother and father myself. This might be the most pressing thought/ question facing men today; how we mix strength, sensi- tivity and ego into one. I like Blending my heroes; a little


dif- the


you will begin to sense a res- onance, a flavor, an aroma of your jointly-sharing-sign- holder. Next month we can add more info to help you chart your own life’s path. Happy Birthday my Pisces cousins and, as well to the gentle yet exceedingly strong rams.

A frog is outgrowing his lily pad and decides to make some home improvements.


doesn’t have the money, so he hops to the bank to borrow some. At the bank, he takes a seat at loan officer Patricia Black’s desk and explains his dilemma. “I want to upgrade my lily pad, maybe add an- other window, but I don’t have the cash. Can you lend me the money?” “Maybe. What can you offer as collateral?” “Well,” says the frog. “All I have is this paperweight. You

shake it up, and it snows on the little village. Cute, huh?” “Hmm . . . I’ll have to speak to my manager.” She enters her manager’s office. “Mr. Bitterby, I’ve got a frog at my desk who wants to borrow money for lily pad improve- ments. But all he can offer for collateral is this glass paper- weight.” Mr. Bitterby takes the paper- weight, hefts it in his hand, looks at her and says, “It’s a knick-knack, Patty Black, give the frog a loan.”



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