SPRING GUIDE #1 The COMMUNITY Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks to Hire Hundreds for Seasonal Jobs

Life guards, camp counselors, sports coaches, park aides and more are sought!

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ The City of Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks Department is hiring over 300 seasonal employees for spring and summer jobs. Positions are available several

in areas

of the depart- ment including aquatics, sports, neighborhood services, cus-

tomer service, park mainte- nance, Howarth Park conces- sions and summer camps. Temporary seasonal employ- ees help run the city’s robust operation

of park swim lessons

and public swim hours, sum- mer day camps, youth and adult recreation programs, and outdoor


activities and The positions

are suited for those interested in working with the public and

loadable application can be

found at Applications for the Summer Teen Work Experience Pro- gram will also be available beginning March 1st. The pro- gram offers teens, ages 13-17, the opportunity to learn valu- able on-the-job skills. Teens can choose from various in- terests including working with children or animals, swim- ming, coaching and more.

looking for short-term spring and summer employment op- portunities. Job descriptions, requirements, and a down-

Cost of the program is $95 and the deadline to apply is April 5th. More information is available at experience. The City of Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks De- partment one

is largest

of the em-

ployers of teens and

young adults in Sonoma County. The department operates

three community

centers, two pools, a golf course, 70 parks, innovative youth services, numerous special destinations and hun- dreds of recreation classes.

CONTACT: Kristi Buffo, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator707-543-3276

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Sonoma County, CA. ~ Sing- er-songwriter Jill Cohn’s, lat- est release entitled, Balanced on the Rail, takes the listener on a musical journey. The 12 tracks consist of story-telling songs, all originals except for “Fort Worth Blues,” which is a cover of a Steve Earle song. Cohn paints pictures with her lyrics as she accompanies herself on guitar. Recorded at Earwig Studio and DBAR Productions in Seattle Wash- ington, the professional qual- ity is evident from start to fin- ish on this album; especially with Producer Malcom Burn at the helm. Originally from a small

5800 Guerneville Rd Sebastopol • 829-2477

Pg 18 • March 2019 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

town in Washington State, this delightful touring artist cur- rently resides in Colorado and has been a fulltime musician since 1999. Be sure to catch Jill Cohn in concert as a solo artist or along with her band to experience the live versions of these songs and others from her extensive repertoire. Visit the artist’s website at www. to learn more about this musician. Balanced on the Rail, is Cohn’s 12th al- bum and can be heard online at CD Baby. Appreciate the Balanced on the Rail album on a deeper

level from many consecu-

tive listening’s to hear all the instrumental and vocal nu- ances. Cohn’s style has been compared to that of Emmylou Harris. Her current album pri- marily focuses on sentimental ballads with melodious sooth- ing vocals; however, the up- tempo danceable song, “Far Away,” has an Americana country-rock feel.

The song, “Possibilities,”

appears twice on the album, first as track 3 with the full band, and then

again as a

solo, “Let it unfold, the secret of the Soul,” sings Cohn in her sweet-sounding


tive voice. “Take Me Up,” a slow romantic tune good for hand-holding with that spe- cial someone while the gentle lyrics, “Here is you, here is me, here is light, here is love” wash over the listener. Jill Cohn, a talented lyrical storyteller and traveling trou- badour, uses visual imagery to take the listener to both new and familiar places. The title track, “Balanced on the Rail” can be interpreted as a song about courage. The song also serves as a reprise as bo- nus track on the album with charming solo rendition as the finale.

“Be wiser than other people if you can; but do not tell them so.” ~ Dale Carnegie

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