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Diamond Mattress: A New Era By Gretchen Kast

Pivotal. That’s the word on Diamond Mattress president Shaun Pennington’s mind these days as he and his sister, Breana Pennington, lead the 72-year-old company into its fourth generation as a family-owned and operated business. As company president, Pennington is the driving force propelling the legacy brand through a momentous period of transformation. At the winter Las Vegas Market, Diamond Mattress is launching its rebrand as a health and wellness company. This new branding includes the unveiling of completely revamped product lines, patented and exclusive technologies and an introductory assortment of sleep and wellness essentials.

ennington began his tenure at his family’s company at an early age, but he was initially hesitant about assum- ing his current leadership role. “I started in this business at 12 years old, doing piece work in the factory, then loading trucks and working in the warehouse in high school,” he explains. “When I got to college, I was work- ing with my dad and learning to sell. But it was definitely a transitional period for me where I began to ask How does this make me happy? and Is this what I want to do with my life?”

P But after meeting with a mentor and re-

flecting on experiences he had backpack- ing through Southeast Asia after college, Pennington soon realized how fortunate he was to inherit such a platform. It was then that he began to see the vast and inspired opportunities that lay within the Diamond Mattress brand.

“It’s not about making more mattresses and selling more mattresses,” he explains. “This is the point at which we pivot from a mattress manufacturer to a health and wellness brand that enhances lives through sleep.” As part of its rebrand, Diamond will debut a wide range of product innovation and of- the-moment marketing strategies. Shifting its approach from merely a mattress producer to a purveyor of wellness, Diamond’s new core product line takes its name from the concept of the “Gift of Sleep.” The line includes four new mattresses: Grateful, Intention, Faith and Transformation, or G.I.F.T. Marketing-minded and spiritually ground-

ed, Pennington weaves a meaningful story into each mattress while still remaining close to his manufacturing roots. He is keenly fo- cused on product and driven to deliver the best value with features and benefits that consumers want and need.

The offerings are made with newly patent- ed wrapped coils that are nested to give 25% more surface coverage and improved zoned support. This advanced comfort is further en- hanced with gel memory foam and the pro- prietary Diamond Sparkle foam, in addition to fabric covers with heat-releasing properties. In addition to a sleek new logo and mod- ern website, Diamond’s rebrand will extend to its customers free nationwide shipping, white glove delivery, a 120-night sleep trial and a “Forever Warranty” because, as Pennington explains, “Diamonds are forever.” As a growing mattress brand, Diamond takes its retail partnerships to a whole new level. The company not only develops unique and exclusive products for its retail partners, it invests heavily in the design and delivery of fun and novel ways for consumers and staff to engage in the selling process. Tactile and 9

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