Editors’ Picks 1 ReST has introduced a

new standard in comfort

testing with its RISE diagnostic system. Designed for easy in- store demonstration, the system makes it easy for RSAs to match their customers to their ideal bed. RISE not only factors in the customer’s chosen comfort preferences and support needs, but actively adjusts in real time when they lay down on the bed— simulating different firmness and support levels. In addition to improving customer satisfaction and reducing return rates, the RISE was designed to help increase ticket averages as well. The system also allows retailers to customize the recommended results based on their store’s product assortment. And while some diagnostic stations can take up valuable space on the showroom floor, RISE incorporates the brand’s ReST Bed into the system: a high- end mattress that can be sold with a luxury price-tag.

5 Before developing its new Retail Edge marketing

3 PureCare is offering retailers a cohesive

Tencel-based product story with its new Tencel 5-sided mattress and pillow protectors as well as its PureCare Elements Tencel Lyocel sheets. The brand is intent on creating accessible solutions for consumers by introducing a new pillow collection and a new Deluxe Cotton sheet set in its value-focused Fabrictech brand collection. With the signature quality that comes with all of PureCare’s products, both new accessory collections offer retailers tremendous opportunities to gain new customers, increase sales tickets and provide the tools needed to create a safe and clean sleep environment.

program, Tempur Sealy invested in a two-year, in-depth market research study. Surveying over 15,000 consumers and reviewing more than 20 million data points, the company gathered valuable information about how complicated the mattress purchase journey can be—and why many shoppers do not complete it. Retail Edge was designed to help retailers deliver a more connected and personalized experience that closely aligns with how consumers shop and buy today. Understanding that the mattress conversation is happening in new places across multiple platforms, the program first provides retailers with a 360-degree health check— then offers comprehensive resources including RSA training, digital, in-store and product assortment solutions.

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2 Gaining popularity among retailers, Brooklyn

Bedding has added several key wholesale accounts in recent months while launching a number of popular, niche sleep solutions under its private label arm. In order to meet increased demands for its products and streamline its manufacturing process, Brooklyn Bedding recently signed a lease to take over a 150,000-square- foot space. Enabling the brand to produce twice as many mattresses per day, the move not only expands the brand’s capabilities for its own brick and mortar locations and ecommerce business, but it makes Brooklyn Bedding an even stronger partner for its retailers.

4 More than 90 years after the flagship brand

was first introduced, Spring Air is debuting a completely redesigned Back Supporter line. The new seven-bed collection maintains the brand’s signature zoned support, delivering hip and shoulder comfort along with less partner disturbance, but now features a stylish new white- and charcoal-hued look. Additionally, the collection is the company’s first truly national line-up, with every licensee be producing it. This creates a greater sense of consistency across the brand to eliminate any confusion among consumers. With this reinvigorated Back Supporter line, Spring Air has breathed new life into a classic offering.

6 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2019

accessibility and targeting a broader range of consumers by rolling out several affordably priced adjustable base models. Geared toward the first-time power base buyers, the new line is designed to resonate with tech-savvy consumers that crave customization. The 2019 line starts at $499 and includes a variety of features such as advanced massage technology and a Bluetooth remote. Adding to the appeal, each promotional base in the collection can be shipped directly to the consumer’s home and offers infinite head and foot adjustability. Reverie’s new line-up proves that consumers don’t have to sacrifice quality or benefits for affordability.

6 Reverie is emphasizing

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