W. Silver Products Highlights American-Made Adjustable Bases And Bed Frames Program

By Gretchen Kast Building upon the explosive growth of the adjustable bed category, W. Silver Products will be highlighting its comprehensive line of adjustable bed bases, bed frames and folding foundations at the winter Las Vegas Market. The company’s ever-expanding product line- up ranges in price and both operational and convenience features. “We manufacture our own steel for our bed frames from our family-owned steel mill locat- ed in El Paso, Texas,” explained Brent Polun- sky, sales manager. “We offer a complete line

of bed frames, rails and accessory items. Our adjustable beds are manufactured in the same facility as our bed frames. The adjustable beds are designed and manufactured in our fami- ly-owned factory. This allows W. Silver Prod- ucts to control the quality of all our products through the complete manufacturing process.” Because W. Silver Products manufacturers all of its products in North America, they are not subject to global trade issues or tariffs. In ad- dition to providing a highly competitive, Amer- ican-made bed base program, W. Silver Prod- ucts also offers superior customer service to all

of its retail partners. All of the company’s orders are processed and shipped in 48 hours or less, with bed frames, rails and adjustable beds de- livered in one shipment with one invoice. Visit

Sleep & Beyond Showcases Its Expanded Side Pillow Line By Christopher Schriever

Sleep & Beyond is showcasing its growing Side Pillow collection at the winter Las Vegas Market. Based on the enthusiastic retailer reception for its myWoolly Side Pillow at the summer market, the company is introducing the myDual Side Pillow, which is ergonomi- cally contoured on both sides to accommo- date side sleepers. This uniquely shaped pillow is 100% natu- ral in addition to being washable. It features an adjustable loft, while also providing optimal sup-

port and pressure relief for the neck and shoul- ders. Additionally, the myDual Side Pillow de- livers support and comfort for various styles of CPAP masks worn by those with sleep apnea. Sleep & Beyond will also feature its recently introduced myWoolly Side Pillow, a contoured wool-filled pillow. In addition to being wash- able, this pillow also features an adjustable loft as it provides a “comfy” feel for not only the side sleeper but all sleepers. Both side pillows will retail for $119. Visit

...the myDual Side Pillow delivers support and comfort for various styles of CPAP masks worn by those with sleep apnea.

22 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2019

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