Southerland Delivers Affordable Luxury With MicroLuxe Coil Technology

By Elaina Hundley Bolstering its presence in the growing luxury bedding sector, Southerland is set to unveil its expanded Evolution Collection at the win- ter Las Vegas Market. The hybrid lineup now includes models targeting retail price points as high as $3,999 in queen. Each of the three sleep sets in the new Evolution Luxe series features a luxurious quilted top for added cushioning and a layer of micro-coils near the surface of the mattress to provide additional support. By combining these premium components with copper-in- fused latex and memory foam cushioning, the company further elevates the phase-change covers that have been keys to the success of the existing Evolution lineup. “Our Evolution Collection has been a suc- cess from day one because of its distinctive look and feel, and these new models take it to the next level with a more sumptuous feel,” said Bryan Smith, president and chief executive officer of Southerland. “Featuring some of the highest coil counts in the indus-

try, the addition of MicroLuxe coil technolo- gy provides uniquely independent support for better sleep. The quilted top provides luxurious comfort that will continue to set the collection apart from other hybrids in the marketplace.” While the existing collection’s retail price points range from $1,799 to $2,999 in queen, Smith said that expanding it to include price points as high as $3,999 make sense because of the increasing demand for do-

mestically-made “affordable luxury.” The new models include plush versions of the Ebony and Twilight at the sink-into luxury tier price points of $2,499 and $2,999. The three new designs with MicroLuxe coil technology are all available in firm, plush and ultra-plush. “This gives our dealers another way to combat low-margin imports,” Smith comment- ed. “The demand for higher-end product isn’t slowing down.” Visit

Classic Brands Debuts New Roll-Packed Collections

By Elaina Hundley Classic Brands is bringing two new boxed bed- ding line-ups to the winter Las Vegas Market. The company is pushing the roll-pack catego- ry into higher retail price points with the hybrid Chic Couture Collection and helping brick-and- mortar retailers compete with online sellers with the new Roost Collection. Retailing from $799 to $1,499 in queen, the three-model Chic Couture lineup is made with two layers of encased coils that are blended with high-quality memory foam and latex for

34 Sleep Retailer / Winter 2019

superior comfort and support. It is also the first mattress collection in the industry to feature a cover with crushed jade woven into the fabric. Designed to keep the sleeper cool, the jade wicks moisture away from the body and has been proven effective as a cooling agent in several types of apparel fabric in recent years. “This new collection shatters the myth that

boxed bedding is strictly a lower-end product. Boxed bedding is merely a more efficient de- livery channel, not in any way a reflection of quality, innovation and style,” said Mark Owen,

executive vice president of sales and business development at Classic Brands. “Chic Couture gives the retailer the opportunity to sell premi- um bedding at healthy margins, and it will help drive sales of all premium products.” Classic Brands is also unveiling the new Roost Collection and a revamped Copper Smart line at market. Both collections feature a MDI memory foam core, which retains its softness in all types of weather and recovers faster than other types of memory foam. Visit

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