3 Blu Sleep In January of 2017, Blu Sleep made the transition from flat-packing its mattresses to roll packing them. In addition to creating a smoother and faster delivery method, com- pressing the mattress also limits the chance of it being damaged in transit. Blu Sleep spe- cifically roll-packs its Nature Collection, which combines the proprietary air pod technology base foam of its signature bed collection with the water-expanded, Italian specialty foam featured in its Nature Collection pillows. The compression stage of the roll packing process improves performance of the foam by activat- ing its cell structure to make the mattress softer and speeds the time it takes to break-in the bed. As such, mattresses received by the end-user feel the same as the sample they tried in stores. Roll packed mattresses from Blu Sleep are made in the U.S. and shipped to retailers within weeks of manufacturing, com- pared to months for overseas suppliers.

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Not only is OMI’s Rossa mattress Ameri- can-made and roll packed, it’s also certified organic. Encased in natural biodegradable materials, this customizable, one-sided zip- per-cover mattress features motion-absorb- ing pocket-coil technology paired with a cer- tified organic latex surface layer. Consumers can choose a split or solid latex comfort layer to provide firmness options in plush, medium, or firm. For an additional cost, shoppers have the option to add on a sculpted surface for added pressure point relief and increased air circulation. Sheathed in 10-oz. of certified or- ganic cotton on the bottom, the organic mat- tress is finished with OMI’s signature quilted woven cover, incorporating wool to regulate body temperature and wick moisture away. OMI roll-packs the Rossa because the pro- cess is more efficient than traditional pack- aging processes and requires less packing material, resulting in less waste.

can-made, high-quality hybrid mattress. Avail- able at competitive retail price points with a 100-night trial, its mix of 1,000 mini mi- cro-coils, bio-based gel foam and top layer of plush, breathable, zoned latex make it a per- fect mattress for sleepers who like respon- siveness but do not like the sinking feeling of memory foam. Consumers benefit from the ease of having the mattress shipped to their home without needing to take off time for delivery. Logistically, roll-packed mattresses allow for easier navigation of tight hallways, through tight doorways, around corners and on stairways. Additionally, boxed beds provide savings on freight costs, which are on the rise thanks to truck driver shortages and high fuel prices. By lowering the amount of physical truck space required to transport boxed beds, roll-packing lowers shipping costs.


Why Buy Mattresses Made In The USA? / Each of the companies highlighted in this feature pride themselves on creating jobs for Ameri- cans and encourage consumers to buy American made to support the U.S. economy. They feel confident in the quality of both the U.S. production and the working conditions in domestic factories. In the case of Blu Sleep, the brand’s foam mattresses recover to the intended profile height and expected comfort levels much faster than mattresses shipped from overseas. For Brooklyn Bedding, the brand’s control over production allows it to monitor its waste and recycle 99% of materials. OMI values the shorter and more accessible lead times for handmade, domestically man- ufactured products because they allow retailers to offer custom items on demand. Additionally, domestic manufacturing offers more regulation and safety assurance, which is particularly important for the third-party certified organic product manufacturer. Therapedic also rests assured that its products meet strict FR standards, where international imports might not. To Posh+Lavish, the phrase ‘made in the USA’ indicates qual- ity—superior workmanship and a polished product. The same rings true for many consumers.

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