along well. Unfortunately, Bill Ham, their man- ager at the time, got pissed because in one town we had more promo than ZZ and so he took us off the shows. Wet Willie were our buddies. Espe- cially Jack and Jimmy Hall. We did many shows together and they were always good shows. Mar- shall Tucker was a different story. They always sandbagged us with the P.A. And brought the lights up on us so we wouldn't get an encore. Don't have much nice to say about them. Grinderswitch? I think we did a few shows to- gether but I don't remember much about them. I'm not that familiar with their music. We did enjoy doing shows with Mother's Finest. Nice people, killer band. We had good shows together. We did shows with Elvis Bishop as well. He thought we were British. (Laughs) I never told him any different

Al Kooper told me once he found Lynyrd Skynyrd at Funnochios. What are your memories of playing there? AL Kooper found a lot of bands at Funochios, In- cluding Hydra. We had one of the earliest offers to record for Sound of the South. He sat in with us of course and wanted us, but our Capricorn deal was in the works already. But, Al had a smorgasbord there. Hydra, Skynyrd, EQT, Mose Jones and others. That was a great period for At- lanta music. Three things stand out to me from Funochio's. I met my second wife there. We had a jam with us, Skynyrd, Mylon LeFevre and a bunch of others there, kind of a free for all jam. And third was when Roger Glover and Ian Paice of Deep Purple sat in with Hydra. That was fun.

Kooper also compared your guitar style to Leslie West (whom I just loved in the day). Your thoughts? Well, Al was much older when he said that. Actu- ally, he was referring to Spencer Kirkpatrick when he said that. In the early 70's Spencer was heavy and had a big fro. Some people referred to him as the south's Leslie West. A reference he did not take kindly too. But, he lost that weight and maintains to this day. Thanks anyway Al!

Share your memories of Kooper. I liked Al, I had been a fan of his work with Bloomfield. Wish we had signed with him.

Tell me about when you signed on with Phil and Capricorn. We had offers from Windfall, Epic and Kooper, but ended up at


corn. Negotiations had been going on for a while, so there wasn't much to it. Went to Macon, met with Phil, signed the contract and that was it.

Tell me about the recording of the first Hydra LP. We started recording the first album in the fall of ‘73 with Dan Turbeville producing and Sam Whiteside engineering. We had the songs written already and had been playing them live for a while, so after getting sounds on everything, the basic tracks went pretty quickly. With the excep- tion of that damn click track that Turbeville in- sisted on feeding into our heaphones. I hated that damned thing! Sam, the engineer was also work- ing with Gregg Allman on his solo album, so he was doing Gregg at night and us during the day . Poor guy was getting no sleep We had a deadline to finish the album, and although it didn't neces- sarily feel rushed, we were aware that we had to focus and work quickly. We did the backing tracks live with the four of us and then over- dubbed guitars, keyboards, any percussion- I did the lead vocals mostly late at night when the other guy's had left. Just Danny, Sam and me. We were reigned in somewhat on that album. We were a rock band but they tried to steer us toward a more relaxed southern sound somewhat. I mean it was Capricorn, right? We were much

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