J.J. Cale. As a real treat, David pulls out a great

roots-drenched cover of the Zombies 1965 hit “She’s Not There.” He puts an exclamation mark on the statement “good songs live for- ever!”

This is honest music. Heart music.

Music that explores the human condition. The real thing. Highly recommended.

-Michael Buffalo Smith QUARTERNOTES

It’s been quite a year for Paul McCartney. New album, reissues, world tour, and who can ever forget that excellent episode of James Corbin’s “Carpool Karaoke” that took us all to Paul’s hometown in England? The second album by Paul McCartney and Wings, Red Rose Speedway (Capitol), from 1973 has received a tw0-disc 45th anniversary remas- tering, and it is awesome. Disc one is the full album remastered, including the haunting #1 hit “My Love” and “Little Lamb Dragonfly.” It’s Paul at his finest. And disc two is a fan’s wet dream. It is made up of previously unre- leased demos and non-album singles includ- ing “Live and Let Die” and “Hi, Hi, Hi.” A must have for the Beatles and/or McCartney fan. Wait, that’s all of us, right? . . . The Ea- gles have been a mainstay on the music scene since their inception in 1971, and now, after nearly a half-decade of West Coast country rockin’, the ultimate Eagles collection is avail- able. Legacy (Elektra/WEA) includes all seven of the band’s studio albums, three live albums, and a compilation of b-sides and sin- gles. If that wasn’t enough, the set includes two concert videos, “Hell Freezes Over” on DVD and “Farewell Tour: Live from Mel- bourne” on Blu-Ray. Listen and watch the band morph through their various changes of personnel and style, from the country rock of Desperado to the superstar success of Hotel

California, to the 1994 reunion album Hell Freezes Over all the way through their most recent album, Long Road Out of Eden (2005). All the Eagles you will ever need in one massive package. . . Chicago has a new album. “What? They are still together?” You may ask. Yes, Virginia, there is a Chicago. It may not be all of the same members you re- call from 1974, but they sound as good as ever on Greatest Hits Live. (Rhino). It’s obvious that the band changes

members with the frequency of a cheap ham radio, and even though the lineup has changed quite a bit since this recording, I ap- plaud them for keeping these great songs out there. All of the tunes were recorded live in 2018, and sound amazing. All the hits are here, from “Beginnings” and “Call On Me” to “Hard Habit to Break,” “Just You and Me,” “Hard to Say I’m Sorry,” “Saturday in the Park” and “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day.” . . Down the Road Wherever (Blue Note) is the new one from Dire Straits front man Mark Knopfler, a man whose unique vocals, gui- tar style and songwriting set him apart from the pack in a special way. For this, his ninth solo album, he dishes up more of the laid back elegant tunes we all love, from “Back On the Dance Floor” to “My Bacon Roll” and the lovely “Every Heart in the Room.” Knopfler’s eye for telling details in his music, warm vocal tone and his incredible melodic guitar playing are as breathtaking and thrilling as ever. It’s an album that demands to be played repeat- edly. . . Yet another 50th anniversary reissue in The Band’s debut album, Music from Big Pink. The reissue finds the music all on a sin- gle disc, featuring a new stereo mix of the record produced by Bob Clearmountain from the original four-track analog masters. The new mix brings previously unheard nuances to the surface, and includes a bit of in studio chatter. Also included are five alternate takes and outtakes from the session, along with a previously unreleased a cappella take on “I Shall Be Released.” Good stuff. •

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