three of Garth's massive five-part anthology. Part III highlights his electrifying concerts. You get to watch the audience grow larger and larger with each show, from the multi- sold-out stadium shows around the world, to the historic night in Central Park where over a million-people gathered to witness one amazing show with guests Billy Joel and Don McLean. All of Garth’s best songs are here, from

the rocking “Calling Baton Rouge,” “Papa Loved Mama,” and “Rodeo” to his amazing cover of Billy Joel’s “Shameless,” and all of the tear jerkers, including “Unanswered Prayers,” “It Was Your Song,” “To Make You Feel My Love,” and of course, “The Dance.” The hits just keep on coming with “Friends in Low Places,” “The Thunder Rolls” and “Standing Outside the Fire.” Perhaps the most attractive feature of

this beautiful boxed set is the price. Unlike KISS, his rock equivalent, Garth prices these anthologies so that true fans can afford to own them. I love that. This one sells for less than $20, whereas the same quality book with CDs, if released by the grease-painted rock- ers, would be a minimum of $100. So yeah, the cost is great, the content greater. A must have for any fan of Garth.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

Sex, Dope and Cheap Thrills Big Brother and the Holding Company (Sony Legacy) For the 50-year an-

niversary of Janis Joplin and Big

Brother’s Cheap Thrills, Legacy reissues the album as a two-disc set filled with outtakes, bonus cuts, in studio chatter and more Easter-eggs sure to get old hippies dancing all over the world. Blazing unheard versions of “Summertime.” “Turtle Blues,” and “Piece of

My Heart” only scratch the surface. There’s a live take of “Ball and Chain,” recorded at Winterland in San Francisco in 1968, and you can just feel the excitement. For this special package, Sony resur-

rected the album’s original title, Sex, Dope & Cheap Thrills, deemed too controversial at the time. Thirteen of the tracks here have never before been released. “I Need a Man to Love” is a blues drenched monster. Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick

and Big Brother David Getz penned a special set of liner notes just for this release. Thirty tracks. Baby, it’s groovy. It becomes apparent while listening to this amazing record, Janis Joplin will indeed always have a piece of our heart. No doubt about it, man.

-Michael Buffalo Smith

This Side or the Other David Olney (Black Hen) David Olney is a true renaissance man.

A musician, songwriter, actor, poet – there’s seemingly nothing he can’t do. With This Side or the Other, Olney delivers one of the finest albums of his 30-plus year career, with a little help from his friends – Country Music Hall of Famer, Charlie McCoy, gospel greats the Mc- Crary Sisters, Anne McCue and Fats Kaplin all perform alongside David’s band: Daniel Symour, Ward Stout and Justin Amral. Besides his own writing, the new album

includes tracks penned by friends like the title track,co-written by Anne McCue and John Hadley. “Stand Tall” is a stand out track, one that David says he has been writing for 25 years, and an exploration of accepting himself for exactly who he is. The love song “Open Your Heart” is also quite special and heartfelt. Of course, all ten tracks are special, and David sings them all from the heart, from “Al- ways the Stranger” to “Running from Love,” a tune that brings to mind another great artist,

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