mont Park with them, but we would have been Osmosis on that one. But, we did three or four shows with them as Hydra.

band too. Anyway, when Steve and Spencer came back from L.A. they were starting a new band. Spencer had heard me in Nickelodeon and called me up and asked me if I wanted to join up. Of course, I said yes. Spencer was already a local star because he was in a band (The Atlanta Vibra- tions) that had opened for The Beatles in 1965 when they played Atlanta Fulton County Sta- dium. Our first band in 1968 was called Noah Mayflower. It was a five-piece band with keys. And bass- Steve, Spencer and me. In 1969, we changed our name to Osmosis and in 1970, fi- nally, we changed our name again to Hydra. Now a four- piece band with Trip Bugess on bass. Then, in 1971 Orville (Davis) joined on bass and we were set.

What are your memories of playing Pied- mont Park? I loved playing Piedmont Park! It was fabulous. That's where I saw the Allman's for the first time. I think we may have even played with them there once. Been a long time, things seem to run to- gether (Laughs) I also saw The Grateful Dead, Chicago and many others at Piedmont when they were in town for the first Atlanta Pop Festival. Great times. Great people, great music, great fun with the aroma of marijuana filling the air. Couldn't beat it!

Did you do any work with the original All- man Brothers Band? Duane? Yes, we did several with the Allmans when Duane was alive. The original lineup and they were cook- ing! As I mentioned earlier, I think we did Pied-

Col Bruce Hampton was a friend of mine. How did you know him? The Grease band? Any Bruce stories? I saw The Hampton Grease Band at a club in Smyrna, Ga. around 1966, I think. They were the first band around Atlanta doing the avant-garde thing. On that show Bruce climbed up on top of the P.A. stack while hunching and gyrating around. I had never seen, or heard anything like it. (Laughs) Later on, we were booked and man- aged by the same people at Discovery, Inc. Every- body loved Bruce. I was very sad when I heard of his passing. Couldn't believe it. We did many shows together. In fact, on our reunion show in 2017 I personally asked for The Glenn Phillips Band to be on the show.

Tell me a bit about bands you opened for or that opened for you. I remember you played with Mark Farner and Grand Funk it seems? Well, the very first show we did as Hydra was with Grand Funk in Birmingham, Alabama in 1970. We did shows with them later on also. Yeah, Mark was great! He stood on the side of the stage and watched us. He seemed to enjoy it. Man, we played with everybody that was happen- ing at the time. Too many to mention, but for ex- ample; Bloodrock, Mountain twice, Procol Harum twice, Manfred Man, KISS three times, Kansas, Joe Cocker, Golden Earring, Spirit, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Bob Seger, Bachman Tuner Overdrive, Black Oak Arkansas, Earl Scruggs Review, Styx, Stawbs, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, The Runaways, Wet Willie, Mar- shall Tucker, White Witch, John Kay, Sly Stone, Tower of Power, Roy Buchanan, T Rex and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The first time we played with them they opened for us. And there were many more.

Tell me about the “southern rock” bands you gigged with. ZZ Top, Wet Willie, Mar- shall Tucker, Grinderswitch, Charlie Daniels? ZZ Top was great to work with. Nice guys, we got

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