get to that point. He’s been pretty successful so he doesn’t have to work so it’s time for him to rest and enjoy himself. I just saw him in L.A. I love seeing Randy, I’ve known him since high school. George Grantham, our original drummer, we have a show we do here where I live in Missouri every October. This past October George came out and played, for the first time in 20 years, with us on a song and it was a real highlight to see George play with Poco again. Every once in a while, I see Timothy B. but not very often because he’s in a whole other world you know, he’s a busy guy. But he’s a sweet guy and I love him to death.

But man, we played Carnegie Hall, the

Hollywood Bowl, the Greek Theatre, Shea Stadium where the Beatles played (Laughs)- we played every major venue around the world, in France, England, Holland, Japan- Red Rocks was great for me.

I always wanted to play or at least see a show there. It’s great. It’s a beautiful place. There were a lot of great moments. Like being on American Bandstand and talking to Dick Clark, doing the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. You know, those kinds of experiences, having Elton John as an opening act; Billy Joel as an opening act; Emerson, Lake and Palmer as an opening act; Peter Frampton as an opening act;Steve Martin as an opening act with just his banjo. I’ve played onstage with Eric Clap- ton, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, it just goes on and on. It’s been an amazing 50 years with so many highlights I could never just pick one.

Is Poco touring now? Yes. We start up the end of January and will be working hard on until Fall.

You mentioned the name earlier of one of my all-time favorite artists, the late Gregg Allman. I understand you have a

Gregg story? Gregg was a friend all through the years. We were rehearsing at Jimmy Messina’s house out in Los Angeles and I pulled up in the drive way. There was this big Harley David- son parked there. I had no idea he was com- ing and I didn’t know who he was. Richie did. He had played some shows with Gregg and his brother Duane. So, I walk in and there’s this big Hammond organ in there. I got a little scared. After all, my whole act at the time was playing the pedal steel through a Leslie cabi- net and making it sound like a Hammond organ. I thought oh no, they are replacing me with a real B-3 player! But we played every afternoon for weeks. It mostly turned into a jam. But the sound was clearly not right for Poco, but Gregg and I became friends and I went out to see him and Duane playing with the Allman Joys. Next rehearsal, I went up to him and said “Gregg, what you are doing is really great. That’s what you need to be doing.” Richie wanted another Stephen Stills kind of singer, and I could see where he was coming from, he wanted another Buffalo Springfield. But a quick story. One night Gregg says there’s a great barbeque joint across from where he was living and would I like to go out and eat. I said yeah and he said I forgot my wallet, let’s go get it. So, we went to where he was living, an old Holiday Inn they had turned into apartments. I got out and you know the old Holiday Inns had the cement stairway that went up to the second floor. I went up there and went into the room. It was so full of smoke you couldn’t hardly see. There are girls here and there passed out, and Duane is sitting at the kitchen table rolling joints. Duane wasn’t happy with me being there. He didn’t want Gregg to join an- other band. But the most amazing thing, in the living room on the second floor were parked two giant Harley Davidsons. (Laughs) They told me it was because they were in a bad neighborhood and couldn’t leave them outside. Amazing. I could not wait to see how

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