a gig and when I got home at like 1:30 am and the phone was ringing. I answered it and it was Pat and he said, "Can you be in Macon to- morrow for a try out?" I asked him who and he said he would not tell me. I said I am not coming. He gave in and said it was Molly Hatchet.

Were you a fan of Molly Hatchet before this time? To be honest, I was so busy with my own band I had not listened to much of their music before this time. We did two songs of theirs in our band - their cover of "Dreams" and "Gator Country" and just to add one com- ment: Steve Holland, who arranged Hatchet's version of "Dreams," is a musical genius and a great friend. So I went to Macon and my dad dropped me off at the agency and Pat had rented a club called The Warehouse. I went in and they had it all set up and I had never met any band members before this time. I did talk to Dave Hlubek on the phone right before I left but that was it for my involvement with the guys in the band before I walked in the club.

How scary was that - having to sing with these guys? Well, you’re talking about someone getting nervous really quickly - I did. But I intro- duced myself and said, "Let's play." We did "Dreams", "Gator Country" and I think "Flirt- ing with Disaster." I'm not sure about that. It's hard to remember - I was so excited.

Did you know why Danny was leaving? Well, what I knew was it was a mutual deal where they both (the record company and Danny Joe) wanted to make a change. As far as I knew, that was the deal. I went to leave and I heard Steve Hol-

land say, "We are wasting time here. Tell him to pack his bags and let's go to Jacksonville." I walked on out the door and went to the hotel. My future wife was there waiting for me and

we had not been in the room for very long and the phone rang and it was Pat asking me to dinner. Dave was there. We had dinner and spent time with them getting to know me and to feel me out and see how I would fit in the band. We had a wonderful time and Pat is the best host and the smartest businessman I know. About two days later the phone rang and it was Dave. He said, "You ready to play some music and sing for us?" I said, "Is a hog's ass ham?" He laughed and he said, "You have a ticket at the Atlanta airport." and I said, "OK, I am on my way." I got to Jack- sonville and Banner picked me up and we be- came fast friends and he is a wonderful friend and all the guys are just good people. You know what I mean? They are folks who have not changed through the years and have hearts of gold. They had a gig set in the Tan- gerine bowl in Orlando with Bob Seger and they were not sure if Danny was coming or not so they told me I might have to sing this gig and there were 65,000 people there and I had yet to play one show with these guys.

Wow, talking about jumping straight in the fire. Yea, we had never even had a chance to hold a

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