Your Key to Reducing Height in a Heated Floor Assembly

processes. Then came Schlüter® O

nce upon a time, the specification of a complete heated floor assembly meant numerous products, layers and -DITRA-HEAT-

E-DUO… When the original DITRA-HEAT-E system

was released in 2013, it was the first electric underfloor heating system of its kind. Taking its lead from the market leading uncoupling membrane, Schlüter®

-DITRA 25, it combined

protection and heating into one easy-to- use solution. The debut of DITRA-HEAT-E allowed specifiers to achieve considerable reductions in the height of heated floor assemblies, by negating the need for encapsulation layers and a separate uncoupling layer. Fast-forward to today and with the latest iteration, you can also eliminate the requirement for a separate soundproofing layer, as well as achieving enhanced efficiency. Schlüter®

cent of its input to the surface during the heat-up phase, whereas alternative systems can lose up to half of the heat into the screed or subfloor. The confirmed impact sound reduction of up to 13dB is perceived as a 50 per cent reduction by the human ear, resulting in increased privacy and peace. Like DITRA-HEAT-E, the DITRA-HEAT-E-

-DITRA-HEAT-E-DUO has set the new standard to surpass in electric underfloor

heating. To all the great features of DITRA- HEAT-E are added two more: thermal breaking and impact sound reduction. These innovative features are achieved courtesy of a unique 2mm fleece laminated to the underside of the DITRA-HEAT-DUO matting. The thermal break allows the system to push 80 per

Gilberts throws light on exposed ceiling design

New light is being shed on exposed ceiling design – literally – through innovations by leading air movement specialist Gilberts Blackpool. The company is already one if the leaders in solutions enabling designers to optimise the trend towards open ceilings and exposed building services in commercial interiors. Now it has pioneered an acrylic version of its coanda plate, inset with LED lighting, for use with its range of GS swirl diffusers. Specifiers can choose either a single colour for the LEDs, or an option whereby the colour changes through a preset range. “In exposed ceiling ductwork, the coanda plate is key to ensure efficient horizontal dispersal of fresh, incoming air, without ‘dumping’. As the exposed ductwork is an architectural feature, we decided to give designers optimum opportunity to add a new dimension to their plans,” explains Gilberts Sales Director Ian Rogers. The backlit coanda can be specified with Gilberts’ range of GSF and GSJ swirl diffusers for exposed ceilings. Both versions feature a patented design of radial vanes to optimise omni directional discharge airflow with natural or mechanical air distribution strategies.

01253 766911 Still at its best, Johnson & Starley Warm Air Heating

Johnson & Starley'sWarmCair condensing warm air heating range is suitable for a wide range of applications including private residential and social housing as well as smaller commercial applications such as schools, sports facilities, nursing homes and community centres. With rapid warm up times and low noise levels, models are suitable for new builds and the direct replacement of existing warm air systems. Designed for simple and quick installation, the WarmCair warm air heating system offers many space saving and room layout advantages over wet heating systems. There is a choice of upflow or downflow models available with or without hot water and incorporating a stainless steel heat exchanger and other first class component to ensure long life and low maintenance costs. Compliant with Building Regulations Part L, WarmCair heaters produce up to 36kW heat output and are up to 98 per cent thermally efficient. Savings in gas consumption can be as much as 28 per cent. An optional ‘Cleanflow’ electronic air filtration system provides the added benefit of filtered air with the ability to filter 95 per cent of airborne pollutants as small as one micron including pollen, dust and cigarette smoke.

01604 762881

DUO system provides bonded waterproofing, uncoupling, crack bridging and vapour pressure equalisation, to ensure that installations go the distance. As well as floors, it can be used in the creation of heated features, such as walls, shelves and seating, to further enhance the routines of building occupants. Each layer that can be eliminated from an assembly not only saves height, but also reduces the time and processes needed for installation. This means that Schlüter®


HEAT-E-DUO offers benefits for parties across the construction chain.

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