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UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • September 2018 • 5 TM

Take Two Alberts to Heart to Make Dreams Come True

by Ellie Schmidt of Santa Rosa, CA. ~

ith fires raging, so many people have had their lives turned up- side down. Tose of

us fortunate enough to have been spared such turmoil, turn- -instinctively in my way--to seek from the written word sources of comfort, perhaps deriving new hope and strength to offer to others at least posi- tive thoughts that may help to guide us all. Compounding such news and the horrific fires,

awareness of

my family experienced the fright of illness requiring complex sur- gery for two of us, in different cit- ies, within weeks of one another. Trying to somehow express grati- tude to so many who participat- ed, in what turned out to be suc- cessful procedures in both cases, is difficult. Emotions ran deep.

Wondering about life while waiting, pac- ing, in halls and designated surgery waiting rooms… finally hearing the answer to “Please, how did it go?” Bottled up fear es- caped in a swiſt gasp and

deep sigh,

when, for- tunately, gratefully, it went well. Two Alberts, I realize now, have

genuinely influenced me through their writings.

Two men, who

became friends in their mutual search for ways to achieve what seems to be unachievable, uni- versal world peace, shared their same profound regard for life

and ethical, humanitarian phi- losophy. Albert Einstein wrote of Albert Schweitzer, “Nowhere have I ever found such an ideal union of goodness and passion for beauty as in Albert Schweitzer.” Einstein also compared Schweitzer to Gandhi, particularly


both made the whole world aware of what they believed in by de- voting their entire lives to their work. As did Einstein as well.

Both Schweitzer and Einstein were awarded Nobel Peace Priz- es. From 1952 on, with Otto Hahn and Bertrand Russell, they worked diligently on Te Com- mittee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, to press for abolishing all nuclear weapons globally. Schweitzer’s speech concluded, “Te end of further experiments with atom bombs would be like the early sunrays of hope which suffering humanity is longing for.” “Agape” (pron. ah- gah-pay”) is the Greek

word for the par- ticular ex- pression

of ent

“love,” differ- from all


others. Te es- sence of “agape” is it expresses benevolence, true commitment, and oſten,

it is

shown by an inten- tional act of good will. Schweitzer’s book, “Rev- erence for Life” reveals

how deeply he felt that through his ethical acts he could express gratitude for the kindness of oth- ers and the wonders of the giſt of life. Te kind and good residents of Silvercrest Residence in Santa

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. ~ Bill Gates UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • September 2018 • 5

Rosa are neighbors. Tey sur- prised us mightily when we found out they held a prayer chain for our patient undergoing surgery and brought beautiful bouquets to celebrate the start of recov- ery. We did not know that their Events Center at Pierce and 2nd Street in Santa Rosa is dedicated to include all interested citizens in Sonoma County.

decided—and are still working on it—the vision Wendy had of creating Te Historic Albany Carousel. Luckily, we saw the documen-

(More of

their news soon!) Maybe Santa Rosa might con- sider adopting another sister city: Albany, Oregon! When hard times hit their economy several decades ago, they discussed proj- ects that could regain the energy of the city they love. Trough the extraordinary efforts of one dedi- cated, passionate woman, Wendy Kirby, a fine team of local inves- tors and an army of volunteers

tary film by Peter Daulton: “Ride” on PBS-tv in May. Daulton, a digital artist and animator who also works for Industrial Light & Magic, is a Northern Califor- nian who kept visiting Albany, Oregon.

He captured artists

carving, painting, and teams in- stalling wildly wonderful, imagi- native, real works of handmade art, intensely colorful, glorious animals that now are rides on the historic carousel. Lights, mu- sic, “all aboard,” and round and round it goes, with happy people of all ages on board! Google.)

(See it on ... continued on page 16 Weird Facts & Trivia - 2

Mayonnaise is a cold emul- sified sauce made with raw egg yolk, oil, lemon juice or vinegar and seasonings.

It originated in the mid 18th century in Spain or France (although similar sauces had been made for centuries) and there are several stories of its origin.

Mead or Metheglin is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey and water, sometimes with spices and/ or fruit added, and some- times with yeast added to speed up fermentation. Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks, and its history can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome and a drink called hydromel, made from honey and water.

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