28 • September 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

when we met my neighbor Ruth (she’s no baby, she was read- ing the AARP magazine).


We chatted for about the crafts projects


had entered in the fair. As we did so, Kathleen asked questions about the proj- ects as, “Ruth, where

do you

get your ideas?” She used Ruth’s name


times in the ten minute conver- sation. Parting, we both said, “G ‘bye, Ruth” and Kathleen immediately said, “How long have you known Ruth?”

I’ll Remember Your Name by Chance Massaro, M.A. •

he other day Kathleen (I can lean on her and she can lean on me) were walking to dinner

At the restaurant the waitress introduced herself, “Welcome, I’m Kaiya.”

I said, “That’s a

new one for me. How do you spell “Kaiya?”

She told us and then said, “It’s easy to remember, just say ‘Hiya Kai- ya’”, and gave us a wiggle, a wave and a huge smile.

Then an-

other woman brought us water and Kathleen said, “What’s your name?”

She said, “These

people call me Danny, my boy- friend calls me Dan and my mother calls me Daniella.” I asked the spelling and she said “Sometimes I wonder if that’s

why I’m going to school, to learn to spell my own name.” And then she spelled it. Kath- leen said, “That’s a beautiful name. I like your mom’s way.” As the dinner proceeded, Kath- leen and I thanked and made requests using the names of the two waitresses.

As the dinner neared an end a fellow approached our table and asked if he could take a couple of empty plates. “What’s your name?” I asked.

“I like it a lot.”

Santa Rosa, CA - Santa Rosa Junior College will continue its 100th Anniversary Celebration this fall with the “Spirit of SRJC Picnic” scheduled at the John Surryhne Outdoor Stage, Gradua- tion Lawn, Santa Rosa campus from


he answered. “Whoa,” I said, “There’s a name with some his- tory. How do you like having that name?”

Darwin said. “Why were you named Darwin?” I asked. “My mom had a friend named Dar- win and just liked the name. I’m not sure she knew what a conversation starter

it would

be. It’s a lot of fun! No one just says, ‘Nice to meet you,’ everyone has some kind of reaction.” “Well, Darwin, it is nice to meet you and thanks for removing these plates,” I said. I hear people saying they are bad with remembering names. Kathleen and I are working on it.

p.m. on Saturday, September

11:00-4:00 22.

The free commu- nity event, open to all, will include free parking, food for purchase, a plaque dedication by SRJC Superin- tendent/President Dr. Frank Chong of the Veritas Sculpture and time capsule, and music by the Steve Morris Band. Join the SRJC community for an old-fashioned picnic with games for both adults and kids, including an antique car show, photo booth, and bounce house. The William B. Race Building, Jesse Peter Museum, and book- store will all be open.


will be a barbecue, birthday cake, and more.



Bring a picnic, blanket or kids, grandkids and

friends for an event designed to connect the community with students, staff, alumni,


colleagues and supporters for a wonderful


outdoors at the beautiful Santa Rosa campus. Football fans also

can at-

tend the SRJC Homecoming game next door at Santa Rosa High School, where the Bear Cubs will play the College of

the Sequoias. Picnic attend- ees will receive a free ticket to the game, which starts at 1:00 p.m. Come celebrate the SRJC 100th Anniversary with the Bear Cubs, join the home- coming festivities and honor the college’s first 100 years of history!

For more information about the picnic and other 100th An- niversary events, visit srjc100.

Upbeat Times in Santa Rosa, CA!

•Organic Fruits & Vegetables

• Gourmet Cheeses • Local Wines

• Health & Wellness • Bulk Foods • Dried Fruits & Nuts • Sandwiches & Salads

OPEN DAILY 8am-8pm • 1691 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol

28 • September 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

I gave some back copies of Upbeat Times to Carol Orr, the director of the Silvercrest Events Center for her to have a number of their residents hold up for their “photo shoot” on Thurs. Aug 16. --I think Carol said they have a professional photographer who will take their group photo! Turns out that groups of their residents regularly get involved with very meaningful projects to assist a lot of different people in the whole of Sonoma County. Good, kind, upbeat folks. ~ES

Knowledge will give you power, but character respect. ~ Bruce Lee

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