16 • September 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. Take Two Alberts to Heart

Daulton said; “It’s a simple sto- ry about a community solving a problem by coming together to use art and volunteerism to bring out the best in both and create something truly magical. –I wanted to tell this story because of its simple beauty.” Te Albany His- toric Carousel & Museum is still creating more ani- mals: 33 are com- plete, the plan is for 52,--all carved and painted by hands of those who love this project. (Agape at work.) Te history of Alba-

ny, Oregon shows that the Mon- teith brothers from Albany, New York, arrived in 1847. Tey pur- chased a claim of 320 acres from Hiram Snead for $400 and one

horse. Aſter plotting out 60 acres for a town, they named it Alba- ny. Today, their beloved Historic Carousel & Museum, as Wendy Kirby hoped it would, is fast be- coming a much- loved tourist des- tination for not only all in Wil- lamette Valley but nationally, too.

In Santa

Rosa, our en- tire family is grateful


all the kind, positive, cheerful profes-

sional people

and volunteers, and especially to Dr. Gregory Sacher, a giſted surgeon, and his special team, and Dr. Monica Ferguson, all at St. Joseph Health Network and Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital,

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for helping our beloved family member regain her health. As Albert Schweitzer wrote

about “agape,” when we cannot find words to express profound gratitude, the absolute neces- sity exists, to try, in our turn, to show great kindness to one and all with whom we are in contact, near and far. Inevitably, kindness begets kindness. Te best way of life.

In Lambarene, the Congo,

Schweitzer remained, working for others the rest of his life. How charming to know that a huge, ugly old pelican bird “adopted” the good doctor. Schweitzer finally agreed and

named it: “Parsifal”. Never listen- ing to anyone but his master, the bird and the doctor would go for walks together at the end of long, difficult days. Peace. Too hot to cook? Consider peel-

ing fresh fruit. Melting a pot of dark chocolate. Have a sweet dipping feast with those you love around you. ~~~Ellie

Goodness is about

character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral

courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how

we treat other people. Dennis Prager

September 15, 2018

New Monsoon & The Kathy Kallick Band

Guerneville, CA. ~ New Mon- soon plays Inventive down- home bluegrass and rock ’n roll & the The Kathy Kallick Band plays Hot Bluegrass and Cool Originals. Gates open at 4:30pm; Showtime is 5:30pm LOCATION: Redwood For- est Theatre in Armstrong Red- woods State Natural Reserve. From River Road in Guern- eville, travel 2 miles north on Armstrong Woods Rd. (Mem- bers of Stewards receive a 20% discount off the following prices.) General: $35.00; Pre- ferred: $55; Redwood Circle: $80.00; Children 5-12: $10 (One child free w/ each paid adult) PARKING: Free with Admission (Walking up to ¾ mile may be required; bring flashlights & warm clothes; (shuttles provided for those in need). Specific parking infor- mation is available at


(Those needing special accom- modations are asked to call 707-869-9177 in advance.) TICKETS & INFORMATION:

The Naked Truth September 7-30, 2018

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ A comedy by Dave Simpson.


by Argo Thompson. The U.S. premiere of the British smash comedy hit. THE STORY: Five very different women struggle hilariously to conquer pole dancing to put on a fundraiser for a breast cancer charity. As their stories unfold and unravel, they share laughter and tears in this uproarious and moving play for women, about women, and a must-see for any man... if they dare! CAST: Heather Danielle, Serena Eliza Flores, Katie Kelley, Anabel Pimentel, Bonnie Jean Shelton, Angela Squire and David Templeton. ABOUT LEFT EDGE THE- ATRE: We are a Resident The- atre Company of the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts. We endeavor to thrill,


lenge, and engage audiences with ideas that make us think more, laugh more, and feel more. With the highest artis- tic standards and the region’s most talented theatre artists, we produce a professional season of ambitious performances in search of what is best in our- selves and in the human spirit. We select shows written with- in the past 6 years and never presented in Sonoma County before. They may have had successful runs in New York, Chicago, London or other ma- jor cities. Our audience is hun- gry for new, edgy, provocative and left leaning works. You can contact Argo Thompson, Artis- tic Director, 707-536-1620, or

16 • September 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. We live in an age where people will watch epic entertainment on their phones. ~ Will Arnett

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