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in unison for their favorite son as the watched the greatest rac- ing event in the world. Mr. and Mrs. W had gotten there in just 12 years, while some people devote 50 years to trying and never even get close. Plus, they


bought their way in the door…they bred their way in the door all the way from their small town.

All eyes were on the gate as the horses broke cleanly at the bell, with Cav’s Santa Anita

rival Honour

and Glory moving easily into the early lead, while Matty G and favorite Unbri- dled Song held 2nd and 3rd. Mc Carron steadied Cavonnier midway into the pack at 9th place. It was a blazing start as Mike Smith pushed favorite Unbridled Song into the lead just past the half mile mark. At

to move into third and looked stronger with every stride. As he dueled with Halo Sunshine for second, jockey Craig Perret accidentally smacked Cav in the face with his whip. Fighter that he was, Cav regained his stride and moved past Halo Sunshine down the stretch to

the ¾ mark, Unbridled Song opened up a two-length lead over Halo Sunshine and now… Cavonnier and McCarron made their move. Cav came up on the outside closing fast

pass Unbridled Song. All Cav’s training and conditioning were shining through now, as Mc- Carron hugged his neck close and opened the gallant horse up. Mr. and Mrs. W had bred a champion who was clos- ing in on the finish line of the greatest race in the world. Every fiber of Cav’s being thundered down the inside stretch as Jerry Bailey


pressed Grindstone hard on the outside. McCar- ron and Cav were fluid, riding as one towards history while Bailey and Grindstone surged for-

ward with everything they had left. Both horses momentarily silhouetted against each other at the finish, but was it Cavonnier or was it Grindstone? 142,668 racing fans collectively held their breath because they knew they had just watched the most exciting and the closest Ken-

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tucky Derby in history. It seemed an eternity as the stewards reviewed the pictures. At the very least it was a dead heat…but it sure seemed Ca- vonnier held on in the endless replays. Many of the folks in the Walters crowd were shaking hands and it looked like Baffert just kept mouthing ‘Wow” to the cameras. When the stew- ards ruling finally came down, they said it was Grindstone by a nose, but it couldn’t have been a nose…it couldn’t have been a hair…not even the width of half a hair.

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After a tough performance in a rain soaked Preakness, Cav came back closing hard just past the mile marker at the Bel- mont when the quick thinking McCarron pulled him up. Chris felt something was very wrong with his horse and he probably saved Cav that day by stopping and protecting him. Cav had suffered what could have been a career ending injury, but with experimental treatment and a lot of love and time from the Walters…their big hearted boy would race again. When Cav fully recovered he went on to win two last great races before he retired. One was at Santa Anita with the Derby’s Chris McCarron in the saddle again. That race brought back a flood of so many happy memories as Cav closed like thunder at the finish. His final win came at Hollywood Park with Alex So- lis in saddle and in a grand style that befitted his last triumph, he led wire to wire. I understand to this day Bob Baffert still has a picture of Cav’s photo finish Derby hanging above his desk, and even with all of his won- derful successes I’m sure there are evenings when he looks at that photo and says, “Just an inch more Cav, just an inch more.”

If the boys at the Fair track 707- 585-0226

were my college diploma in racing, Mr. and Mrs. W were my PhD. I can’t tell you how much I cherished the time I

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United Way of the Wine Country Announces New President & CEO

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ United Way of the Wine Country announces the hiring of new president and CEO Lisa G. Carreño. Carreño joins United Way from 10,000 Degrees where she served as Regional Director in Sonoma County. With more than twen- ty years of community and nonprofit leadership experi- ence, Carreño brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to United Way, where she is set to begin her new role on Au- gust 20. In its 50th anniversary year, Carreño becomes the first woman and first Latino to lead the organization and steer its path in the community for the future.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice

any other virtue

consistently.” Maya Angelou

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.” ~ Steve Maraboli

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