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Harnessing The Power of The Totem Ally by James Fish of Sonoma County, CA•


ometimes it just hap- pens that Mother Nature pulls us into trance. Spellbound

we wonder if we are dream- ing that radiant jewel of sun as it shimmers and dies down into the west- ern sky. Then sud- denly

the whoosh-

ing, flapping sounds of big owl wings out from the forest’s edge wakes us from the

dream. Indeed

reverie can feel like a luxury at times like an old man’s dream when time contin- ues to stalk us. The Aboriginals who live down under believe that we never leave the dream-time that we are always in a state of dreaming. If that is the case,

totemic ally. Many golfers today are starting to recog- nize the value of the animal head-cover as a symbol of totemic power. For a very long time my imagination has been captivated by rap-

wings have yet to fail me. Your ally may be a wolf or sloth or snow-leopard or even a spider-monkey. And since I work in a retail golf store (the Golf Mart) that in fact sells these animal head-covers, I chal- lenge you to find one good reason why you shouldn’t have one in your golf-bag. The truth is there are no good reasons. Nature is our best


than why not stretch the bounds of our real- ity? Who among you is too afraid or too manly to paint a beautiful picture? The great- est golfers throughout histo- ry and today have not feared the poet’s pen or the artist’s brush. They have made their imaginations

and channeled excellence

holy scribes creative

to outrageous

heights. And would you be- lieve if I told you that some of them even had totemic al- lies on their journeys?

If Jack Nicklaus took on

a golden bear as his totem, if Tiger Woods uses a Tiger animal cover on his driver, who’s to say you can’t claim a foothold in that furry and feathery domain? Shamans all over the earth understand the medicinal powers of the

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tors. Perhaps it is no coin- cidence that an eagle head- cover adorns my driver. By calling those native energies into my golf game I have dreamed a certain trajec- tory into my craft and those

and she has many totemic allies from which to choose. Many of these allies have already chosen you and now it’s your time to choose. Now is the time for you to claim that ally, improve your relationship

be- tween earth and sky

and dream big in the space in between.

When I see a great golf

swing I know how much it harnesses energy coming up from the ground. If you want

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