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S 2 • August 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. Mrs. W. with Cavonnier (and unknown caretaker) at the Sonoma County race track saying hello befor a practice run.

onoma County, CA. ~ Every time I hear a post time bugle call at the race- track it’s a special thrill. That’s what happens to a great horse, too. His head goes up, his eyes flare, and boy does he know why he’s there. Growing up around So- noma County Fair Rac- ing taught me exactly the same thing. My wonderful Dad Al was a track usher un- til he was well into his 70’s. Everything about the track made him a big

kid again when racing season


and number two brother Rob followed right

around, in

his footsteps. My Mom Marie? (old “Long Shot Parry?”). She served as

the neighborhood

bookie of course; carry- ing bets for family, the Flower Club, and the old gang at Baker’s Café in Graton. Me? (Well, not that I’d recommend this to other up and coming youngsters), but with the assistance of our personal

bookie, my little brother Matt and

I parlayed many an al- lowance into a very tidy sum (strictly academic course).

for later pursuits of While other kids were

off at the beach, I was beginning an advanced college degree of sorts in handicapping. I learned about Daily Doubles, Exactas and late clos- ers from professors Jack DeMeo, Joe Negri, and Ernie Julius. Instead of wasting time preparing for school in the Fall, I was being

introduced to folks like the beau-

tiful Alice Faye and a very debonair Phil Har- ris in a finish line box. I wouldn’t trade one of those sparkling summer fair memories for a sure thing Pick 6, but of all those grand horse folks I came to love…none were more special to me than Bob and Barbara Walter (or Mr. and Mrs. W as they fondly called each other). Mr. W was a horseman through and through. Not only had he been a great polo player, he also had a grand eye

for picking the best ath- letes in a stable. “The first pennies he ever had in his jeans were from trading hunter-jumpers,” Mrs. W used to say. He was a soft spoken gentleman with an easy style whose face would light up when he’d talk about bringing his often underestimated Sonoma County-bred runners to Hollywood Park, Santa Anita and Del Mar, “I like to show those south- ern boys we know how to raise horses up north.” ... continued on page 7

“Life is to be enjoyed, not endured” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

An Upbeat Times Exclusive! A Salute to Horse Racing!

by Cam Parry ~ Honorary Member of the Sonoma County Fair Board & Talk Show Host Sonoma County’s Greatest Horse and his Magical Year ~ Mr. & Mrs. W & CAVONNIER

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