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Santa Rosa, CA. ~ On August 2nd, 24 middle school girls from throughout Sonoma County will showcase projects created while participating in the Girls Tinker Academy, a two-week STEM (sci- ence, technology, engineering and math) summer program hosted by the School of Science and Tech- nology at Sonoma State Univer- sity (SSU). The camp is hosted by SSU’s in their new Makerspace in the Schultz Library, and will en- courage girls to “dream, make, & innovate” with the center’s state of the art technology and equipment. include:

modeling, crafting, sewing, and robotics. The Girls Tinker Acad- emy is a free two-week program

will be all three days, as there will be an entire pavilion dedi- cated to children’s activities ev- ery day. As in the past, all kids ages 17 and under will be ad- mitted free. Also as in the past, all proceeds above expenses of the Expo will be donated to School Garden Network. Seeds have always been a

major component of the Expo. Several heirloom seed vendors will be on hand to discuss their seed varieties and offer their seeds for sale.

change allows gardeners ning and weaving. Jon Parr

uses his aquaponics display to demonstrate his hands-on ap- proach to practical application of sustainable


The seed ex- the

opportunity to bring in seeds they have been saving through- out the year and exchange them for other rare and interesting varieties to take home and try. Entertainment abounds on the fairgrounds. Visitors will en- joy an amazing lineup of live music that includes bluegrass, gospel, and folk performed all three days on an outdoor stage. Rocky Neck Bluegrass, Blue Valley Trail, Sourdough Slim, The Baker Family and many more talented groups will be featured on the main stage. Visitors will enjoy fascinating demonstrations held through- out the duration of the Expo. The Navajo Reservation Wom- en create beautiful clothing and accessories as they demonstrate the age-old techniques of spin-

and aquaponic food production. Renowned seed carver Sergey Jivetin will astound observers with his detailed engravings on different types of plant seeds. Two fruit carvers, both last year’s Carl Franklin Jones III and accomplished fruit carver May Kaidee of Thialand will wow their audiences as they turn traditional pieces of fruit into artistic masterpieces. More than 100 speakers will

take the platform to both edu- cate and entertain.


will feel the energy of YouTube stars Doug and Stacy who left the

city to become modern day homesteaders living


the grid. Teenage activist Ra- chel Parent of Canada founded Kids Right to Know and has been educating about the dan- gers of GMOs in food since she was 11 years old. William Woys Weaver is an internation- ally-known food historian and maintains Roughwood Seed Collection started by his grand- father.

Sonoma County is the place to be September 11, 12, and 13.

“Life has no remote....get up and change it yourself!” ~ Mark A. Cooper UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • August 2018 • 21

Scheduled activities computer coding, 3-D


JOKES & Humor # 5

designed to engage and inspire middle school students in Maker activities that encourage the ex- ploration and development

technical, mathematical, and de- sign abilities. Each day offers a combination of guided maker activities and time for students to “tinker” on self-designed projects that foster creative

solving skills. Class time also in- cludes presentations designed to educate, inspire and motivate girls to pursue their interests in STEM education and careers. Contact Amber Figueroa, Career Technical Education Foundation Director of CTE Programs Office: (707) 755-5722

“I think I’ve discovered the secret of life ~ you just hang around until you

get used to it.” Charles M. Schulz

thinking and problem- of

“I would like vitamins for my son,” a mother said.

“Vitamin A, B or C?” the pharmacist asked. “It doesn’t matter,” the mother replied. “He can’t read yet.” ~

Our 8-year-old granddaugh- ter Raven, a city girl, asked to help me cook. “Get some potatoes out of that red basket,” I said. The potatoes were starting to sprout but were still usable. She hurried over to the basket but didn’t come back. I looked over at her and saw that she was just standing there. “Raven, are you going to get those potatoes?” I asked.

Looking a bit bewildered, she replied, “Grandma, did you know your potatoes have thorns?”

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