no games would usually finish the whirlwind of activity that filled their days, but the Walters also a spent a great deal of time very qui- etly sup- porting countless chari- table

efforts and de-

serving people in Sonoma County. When

they saw a


need, they

could… they’d

often sin-

gle-handedly fill it. It was no secret Mr. and Mrs.

W had their eye on the Ken- tucky Derby from the very be- ginning, but even their incred- ible skill and unique breeding program couldn’t guarantee you’d capture lightning in a bottle. The Kentucky Derby was (and still is) the Holy Grail of horseracing, and most real horsemen will tell you it’s the hardest race in the world to win (and they’re right). Barbara looked at bloodlines that went way back and they often bought horses for breed- ing whose great grandparents or great-great grandparents had been something special. She knew that every once in a while great-great grandad or gram- ma’s remarkable genes might reappear. So, when bloodlines representing the likes of Ba- tonnier

and Direwarning (a

Caveat mare) produced the foal “Cavonnier,” Bob didn’t immediately size up the gan- gly chocolate colt with a white dot on his forehead as anything particularly

special when he

had him gelded. “I just didn’t see it,” Bob would tell me in later years with a soft vocal in- tonation that meant “I should have.” It seemed Cavonnier though, had gotten an equal

quickly developed an outsized personality that said, “I’m here folks, and I’m special,” as he ran and played on the ranch like a British Lord among his subjects. Along with their spirited chocolate foal came another unlikely pairing for the racing world (remember, the Walters never went for the superstars…they went for po- tential). That potential came in the form of an up and coming 40-something year old former quarter horse trainer with an unruly shock of prematurely white hair, a deep California tan, mirror sunglasses and a quick sense of humor. He was a fellow a few of you may have heard of, and his name was… Bob Baffert. So, with an unproven Cali- fornia-bred gelding with a win- ning personality and a young trainer right out of Hollywood central

casting, the Walters

were off to shake up the blue- blooded horse racing world. By August 3 of 1995 Cavon- nier had broke his maiden race at the Sonoma County Fair by a length and a half (with all- time favorite Sonoma County Fair jockey Russell Baze wear- ing the yellow and black Vine Hill bumble bee silks). After a tight duel with Keenland pur-

dose of something special from such super star ancestors like Aspidistra and Ribot.

Barbara said Cavonnier ... continued from page 7

chase Air Force MD, Cav best- ed the field by a length and a half to the roaring approval of his home-town fans. More big wins were on the way in coming months with the nia

Califor- Stallion

Stakes, the Budweiser California Cup and the El


Real Derby. By now, Cav was play- ing

to the

crowds. He loved being at the track and compet-

ing, (and absolutely hated any- thing but winning). Training on

... continued on page 25

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • August 2018 • 19

Upbeat Times in Seattle, WA!

Thurs Aug 2 - Detroit Disciples Fri Aug 3 - Uncle Wiggly Sat Aug 4 - The Bohemian Highway Sun Aug 5 - CANCELLED - Gypsy Kisses Mon Aug 6 - West Coast Songwriters Tues Aug 7 - Rock Overtime Student Performance

Thurs Aug 9 - Disclaimer Fri Aug 10 - Onye & The Messengers Sat Aug 11 - Dark Side Of OZ Sun Aug 12 - Celtic & Irish Jam Sessions Mon Aug 13 - Open Mic Tues Aug 14 - Art Reception w/ French Oak Gypsy Band

Thurs Aug 16 - Faith Ako Fri Aug 17 - Stoll Vaughan - KRSH Noon time Set ~ Accordion Students Show case (4:30) ~ The Sorentinos (8:30)

Sat Aug 18 - Foxes In The Henhouse Sun Aug 19 - Gold Coast Jazz Band Mon Aug 20 - Open Mic Tues Aug 21 - Trivia w/ Rob Neidel Thurs Aug 23 - La Agencia Fri Aug 24 - Levi Lloyd Sat Aug 25 - Gold Coast Jazz Band (3:00) John Allaire & Julia Harrell Dynamic Duo (8:30)

Sun Aug 26 - Old Time Fiddle & Irish Jam Sessions

Mon Aug 27 - Pato Banton Tues Aug 28 - Pop Up Jazz Jam Wed Aug 29 - Jamie & Mel, a musical duo Thurs Aug 30 - Soul Grease Fri Aug 31 - The Bloodstones

Live Entertainment Nightly, check our full schedule on website.

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Get out of town and into the redwoods! Enjoy comedy, action, char- acters, beautiful costumes, sets, music, choreography and sword- fighting. Performances are free. Schedule: the last two weekends in August and first two weekends in Sept, including Labor Day Monday. Bring the family, a picnic and prepare to be entertained! 2pm Curtain Theatre, Old Mill Park, 375 Throckmorton Ave., Mill Valley. Mre info: Name: Pat Meier-Johnson ~Email: patmeierjohn- Free Tax Assistance

August 20, 2018: Haven’t filed your taxes for 2017, or for a prior year? Need to amend a tax return? Have an issue with the IRS or FTB? The AARP Tax-Aide Program can probably help, at no cost. Call 707-327-2401 to make an appointment for this free service, in Santa Rosa. Name: John Broughton Email:

Paul Quistgard visiting Seattle, WA over the 4th of July holidays and sharing the wonderful Upbeat Times with tourists & locals alike! ~ From Paul Q & Linda H. of Santa Rosa, CA!

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