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All businesses are striving for success – and nothing shouts this louder than a satisfied customer. So when you get it spot on, how do you make the most of their glowing reviews? Here Paul Ince (pictured) – one of our Digital Growth Programme expert consultants, and owner of LikeMind Media in Loughborough – shares top tips on how to maximize your customer testimonials.

Getting a customer testimonial can sometimes be a challenge. Hopefully, as a result of the work you have done with them, they are super busy, so they may not have time to dedicate to providing one. But hearing how a business can help you by listening to another business that has gone through the experience is extremely powerful. Today, it’s natural

for your potential customers to hunt out what others are saying about you before connecting with you. If you can’t provide the social proof, you could be out of the running without even knowing it. How can you get the most out of

the effort that goes into obtaining a customer testimonial so you can use it on multiple channels in different ways?

START WITH THE MOST EFFORT The trick to getting the most from the testimonial is to start with the format that usually takes the most effort and work backwards. Generally speaking, that’s video. Video requires the most effort because it involves your customer being present during the recording and various set-up components such as lighting, audio and the post-production. But it’s so much more believable for potential customers to see a real, live person speak about how great you are. They can see the person’s face, hear their voice. As an audience, we trust what we see and hear first hand. Video is also the number one

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format for attention right now; if you want to grab it in social media, posting a video stands out among the many posts in someone’s newsfeed. Once your video is ready, upload it to your YouTube channel or Facebook page (remember to do this natively).

TRANSCRIPTION The first thing you should do once your video is ready is

transcribe what your customer says. If you don’t

fancy doing that yourself, use a virtual assistant. Once you have a transcription,

it’s not too far a step to then use the copy in a multitude of ways.

WEBSITE Make sure there is an area on your website for potential customers to browse to a testimonial. Write up each testimonial as a

story: • Who is the customer?

• What was their problem? • How did you resolve it and/or help them?

• What was the outcome? • How did you improve their business directly?

• What should potential customers do to find out more?

• As you have a video, embed it in the page – that way, the website visitor has the option to read the text or consume the video.

AUDIO CONTENT Do you have a podcast or an Anchor station? You have the video, so it’s a short leap to detach

the audio and save as an audio file that can then be uploaded. Facebook now has the option to

upload just audio, so consider using that as a fresh piece of content.

IMAGES There are bound to be a few snippets from the video that can be used as great quotes from the customer. Once you have a few quotes, use an image tool such as Canva to turn them into visuals that you can then post on social media. Images will get more attention. If

you want to animate them (using Ripl or Adobe Spark) even better.

VIDEO SHORTS Now you have a web page with the case study on, you can turn that into a video summary. Lumen5 is a tool that will read the content of any web page and make a video out of it, with key phrases as text. Given video gets the most

traction on social media, you’re creating a double-whammy of video content: the original case study video and the new summary.

INFOGRAPHIC Infographics can help show outcomes visually. Statistics, icons, arrows pointing upwards, are all good indicators to the reader that your efforts have had a positive outcome for the customer. We use Piktochart and Canva as

tools to create our infographics, but you can use any design based application, even PowerPoint and the like.

EFFORT = REWARD All in all this may seem like quite a lot to go through for a customer

testimonial, but just utilising a few will increase the life of the testimonial and give you plenty of content for your digital channels.

GET THE SKILLS Our Digital Growth Programme workshops and seminars can help bring businesses up to speed with the latest knowledge and techniques to boost online presence and create great content.

Upcoming workshops include:

• 19 June Developing Effective Content for the Web – The Village Hotel, Nottingham

• 19 June and 26 June (two-day workshop) - Integrating Social Media into Your Business – iHub, Derby

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A full list of free workshops and seminars can be found and booked online at (if based in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham or Nottinghamshire) or (if based in Leicester or Leicestershire).

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