Super YMD Boon team takes on Derby 10k

Architecture and construction consultancy YMD Boon recently tackled the Derby 10k, raising £900 for the Mount Group Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA). The 13-strong YMD Boon

team transformed into super heroes for the challenge including Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Iron Man to raise the money. David Yates, Director at YMD

Cyclists line up at last year’s event

Nottingham saddles up for hospital Big Appeal

Over 4,000 cyclists will take to Nottinghamshire’s roads on 24 June to help raise money for Nottingham Hospitals Charity – the new partner for the county’s biggest bike ride. Cycle Live will contribute

towards Nottingham Hospitals Charity’s Big Appeal, hoping to raise £4m over four years for Nottingham Children’s Hospital. Nottingham Hospitals Charity’s

Chief Executive Barbara Cathcart has signed up for the ride herself and said: “I am absolutely delighted that our charity is joining forces with Perfect Motion for Cycle Live in support of our Big Appeal for Nottingham Children’s Hospital. The hospital helps around 60,000 children each year and is an incredibly important specialist regional paediatric centre.

‘Riders can still choose one of five different options – 25-miles, 50-miles, 75-miles, 100- miles and 125 miles’

“Our supporters are already

signing up for the event including many of our amazing staff from the Children’s Hospital. Personally, I can’t wait to try out the new routes. It’s a great way to see Nottinghamshire and support a great cause.” At the same time, event owners

and organisers, Perfect Motion – a fellow Chamber member – has been making changes to the five routes that feature as part of Cycle Live. Riders can still choose one of five different options – 25-miles, 50-miles, 75-miles, 100-miles and 125 miles, each with its own ‘very Nottinghamshire’ identity.

Perfect Motion owner and Event

Director Chris Simon said: “We have been wanting to make some improvements for a few years now, particularly around where we cross the A52 and how the longer rides get back to the finish. We also wanted to make the 100 and 125 mile routes a little more challenging. We think we’ve come up with five safe and very enjoyable routes. “I am also delighted to welcome

Nottingham Hospitals Charity on board as our new charity partners. Its Big Appeal is a very worthy campaign and something that I am sure touches many in Nottingham and the surrounding area.”

Pair ride to raise hospital funds

Craig Barker, Managing Director of branding agency Koobr, will be cycling from London to Paris this month in support of Derby Hospitals Charity — helping to raise much-needed funds for Derby Royal’s A&E Department. The trip, which takes place 15 to

17 June, has been organised by Derby business owner Andrew Edmonson, who suffered a heart attack last year and credits his swift recovery to the immediate actions of Derby Royal’s medical team. “When I heard Andrew wanted to

give something back I was inspired to get involved,” says Craig. “Seeing

him recover so quickly and undertake this challenge perfectly showcases the importance of supporting our hospitals. “The people at Derby Royal work

in an extremely stressful, demanding environment, and it does affect them in ways most of us couldn’t possibly imagine. There are a few areas around the hospital where staff and the families of patients can go whenever they need it, but we want to be able to give them something more substantial and deserving.” The pair are hoping to raise £2,000 for the charity.

Boon, said: “It was fantastic to see so many members of our team take on the Derby 10K to raise money for this important charity. I’d like to thank the YMD Boon team for their fundraising efforts. I’m looking forward to taking part again in the future.”

Inspirational baker raises funds for charity

A 12-year-old girl from Leicestershire is using her hobby of baking cakes to raise funds for Leicester charity Hope Against Cancer. In one weekend alone Emma McCarron raised over £1,000 through her Just Giving page, with her combined total now over £1,600. Emma has been inspired to

fundraise by her father Michael’s battle with skin cancer. Hope Against Cancer Chief

Executive Nigel Rose said: “Emma’s efforts have been nothing short of inspirational for us here at Hope and we’re incredibly honoured that she is using her baking skills to help raise funds towards our research for future cancer patients.”

Walking footballers given a helping hand

The Mansfield Senior Reds can now play football with peace of mind thanks to the donation of a portable defibrillator from Mansfield Building Society. Mansfield Senior Reds

Walking Football Club caters for anyone over the age of 50 who want to keep fit and socialise through sport. Many of the venues where the

group compete do not have a defibrillator and the club has had a couple of incidents over the past few years which has brought to light the need to have one to hand at matches. The Reds applied to Mansfield

Building Society through its Community Support Scheme, asking if the society would cover the costs of a portable defibrillator, which costs just over £1,000. Instead of donating funds, the society gifted the Reds a defibrillator for them to take on their travels.

Andrew Edmonson and Craig Barker business network June 2018 19

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