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KIDS AND Sports by Gabriel A. Fraire ~

Healdsburg, CA. ~ I played organized sports from the age of 8 until I graduated from college. I enjoyed playing sports when I was a child. But as the years progressed it became less fun. I later realized that once grown men’s livelihoods de- pended on the out- come of the game the fun started to wane.

So, when my children would come home from school with fl yers for that season’s sports com- petition I would quietly toss them in the recycle. My phi- losophy was if the girls want to play sports they will make it known. I was not going to encourage it.

One day the oldest came home and said all her friends were signing up for basketball and she asked if she could. I said she could. And she did. She had a really nice volun- teer coach and she seemed to enjoy practice. Then the fi rst game came. She didn’t want us to come watch but, come on, how could we not go see it. She was great. She scored most of her team’s points and she ap-

peared to do it with ease and not much strain.

After the game everyone was coming up to her and shining their light on her game. It was almost embar- rassing. We didn’t expect

any of this. We were driving home and I said, “Pretty good game. You did a great job.” She didn’t even face me, just kept looking out the window and she said, “I didn’t like it. Too much fuss over a game. I think I will quit.”

I was a little taken aback.

Finally, I said, “I don’t think you should quit. You made a commitment. The team will be counting on you. I don’t think it’s right to say you will do something and then quit.” She thought about it and said, “You’re right. I should fi n- ish what I start.” She played and enjoyed the season. And, even though I would have had no problem with her not playing I was pleased that she thought, keeping her com- mitment was important.

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6 • April 2018 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. “You really don’t have to subscribe to the life that had been written for you.” ~ Allan Hennessy

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